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For the American Command Base, see Overlord.

Command is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS).

This map consists of a 2 level building, with mostly narrow halways and some ladders. Most of the combat is close range in the hallways, with some occasional medium range firefights in the main building.

The hallways on the first and second floor are narrow, so SMG's work the best here. Assault rifles can be effective, but can be beaten by the high rate of fire from SMG's.

The main building consists of a ground floor with a couple of tanks, with catwalks as a second floor. Here does most of the fighting also consist of close combat, so SMG's will work the best. There are some medium sightlines on the second floor, however there is minimum cover, so it is inadviced to stay here for longer periods of time.

The ladders to the second floor are easily protected, so expect campers by the ladder. These can, however, be easily taken out with bouncing throwing knives.

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