January 15, 1943, 1545 hrs


Snowing, -25° C

We've cleared out most of the rooms on the south side of city hall. Two of our men have already been killed by enemy snipers firing through the windows. The snipers have forced us into moving very cautiously. The only reason the Germans haven't tried to rush our side of the building is for the same reason - somewhere out there, our comrade snipers are watching too.

Pvt. Vasili I. Koslov

13th Guards Rifle Division


["Comrade Sniper"]

[Stalingrad, USSR]

[January 15, 1943]

[1630 hrs]

Soviet Soldier: Come on, let's go!

The player turns a corner and kills a room full of Germans.

Soviet Soldier: First floor is clear!

The player jumps through a hole in the floor and reunites with Dimitri VolskyPavel Semenov and the rest of the squad.

Soviet Soldier: Sniper!

A German sniper in the opposite building kills a russian soldier. 

Volsky: Vasili! Grab that sniper rifle!

The player picks up the scoped Mosin-Nagant.

Volsky: Good, now wait for Pavel to get that bastard's attention! Pavel, do it.

Pavel: Yes, comrade.

Pavel puts his helmet on the end of his rifle and sticks it out the window. The enemy sniper shoots the helmet. Volsky tells the player where the sniper is. The player kills the sniper.

Soviet Soldier: He's dead... good shot, comrade.

Volsky: Well done, Vasili. Now let's move on. We still have to secure the rest of city hall.

The player and his squad clear both floors of city hall.

Soviet Soldier 1: Ground floor is clear!

Soviet Soldier 2: Top floor clear!

Volsky: The building is secure Comrades! We must prepare for their counterrattack! Take up defensive positions!

Soviet Soldier 3: They're starting the attack!

German soldiers charge the building.

Soviet Soldier 4: Here they come! Hold this position Comrades!

The player begins sniping the Germans.

Volsky: The Germans are moving an MG42 to the front lines! Quickly, take it out!

The player kills the gunner.

Volsky: MG42 gunner! Red building on the left!

The player continues sniping Germans.

Volsky: Vasili! another MG42 gunner is trying to deploy in the square! Enemy halftrack approaching! Vasili! Find an anti-tank weapon and take it out!

The player picks up the Panzerschreck and blows up the halftrack.

The squad repells the oncoming Germans.

Soviet Soldier 1: The fascists are giving up the fight!

Soviet Soldier 2: The Germans are falling back!

Soviet Soldier 3: Run, you cowards! Ha ha!

Volsky: Well, fearless comrade Vasili. It looks like our numbers  didn't come up today. Not yet, anyways.

The level ends, along with the Russian campaign.