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"Constanze Muller lived a life fashioned by the Reich, until she decided on some alterations. You can't change a past... but you can choose how it molds you. With the right chisel, an artist can shape the future."
Carver Butcher

Constanze Trude Muller is an Operator featured in Call of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer and Zombies modes.


Constanze Muller was born in 1926 in Düsseldorf to two loving parents. In 1936, at the age of 10 years old, Constanze was forced by the Nazi regime to don the uniform of the League of German Girls, however, she defied her superiors at every turn.

At some point, Constanze was in Poland where she met a girl who turned out to be a Polish resistance fighter. The two fell in love and joined the Special Operations Executive years later. She helped sabotaging the German defensive line in preparation of the Normandy landings.



Name Rarity Image How to obtain
Banned Base Constanze Banned Skin VG.png Multiplayer: Get 300 LMG Kills.
Zombies: Get 2000 Eliminations with LMGs.
Manifesto Common Constanze Manifesto Skin VG.png Operator Level 10
Artisan Common Constanze Artisan Skin VG.png Operator Level 20
Evader Rare Constanze Evader Skin VG.png Reach Max Level with All Operators in the Sentinel Unit
CDL - Home Rare
CDL - Away Rare
Urbane Rare
Defier Epic Constanze Defier Skin VG.png Reach Max Level with All Operators in 4 Units
Guns Out Epic Wildthing Bundle
Scarlet Elite Epic Fox Runner Bundle
Desert Duelist Epic Strategic Assault Bundle
Imperial Legendary Noble Death Bundle


Name Rarity Quote How to obtain
Don't Mind The Mess Common "Don't mind the mess!"
Operator Level 2
Badass Common "I'm a fucking badass."
Operator Level 14

Finishing Moves

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Rack It Base RackIt FinishingMove Constanze CODV.gif Default universal Finishing Move
Maced Common Maced FinishingMove Constanze CODV.gif Operator Level 17
Universal Finishing Moves

Highlight Intros

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Press Check Base PressCheck HighlightIntro Constanze CODV.gif Default universal intro
Posted Up Rare PostedUp HighlightIntro Constanze CODV.gif Operator Level 15
Fearless Flair Rare
Universal Highlight Intros

MVP Hightlights

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Pistol-Whip Base PistolWhip MVPHighlight Constanze CODV.gif Default universal MVP highlight
From The Hip Common FromTheHip MVPHighlight Constanze CODV.gif Operator Level 5
Universal Highlight Intros



  • Upon acquiring a Perk from the Demonic Fountains in Der Anfang, Constanze mentions having a boyfriend which goes against her biography stating that she has a female lover.