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"Problems are expensive, Mr. Archer. You cannot afford one."
— Contact 28 becomes suspicious of the legitimacy of Archer's negotiations.

"Contact 28" is a character in Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction mode. He is only heard through Intel found in Nightfall. He is a client of David Archer, the leader of the Nightfall Program.



Contact 28 expressed interest in David Archer's offer to deliver Nightfall's specimens and research, albeit suspicious of the legitimacy. After Archer threatened to instead do business with his competitors, 28 offered up a total of 600 million U.S. dollars for the goods, however Archer refused the money and instead demanded a ship and crew. As American forces descended on Nightfall's compromised research facility, Contact 28 had second thoughts on the negotiations when he learned the items promised would likely not be delivered. As Archer fended for his life in the now-overrun facility, he contacted his foreign client a final time, this time enticing him with photos from the Colorado colony, as well as the Ark located there. Archer warned if an extraction wasn't supplied and he died in the outbreak, the pictures would be as close as he would get to the real Arks.


After his people confirmed the photos' authenticity, he agreed to supply Stormbreaker, a decommissioned Chinese destroyer anchored in the Alaskan frontier. As Archer hurried to the vessel with Dr. Samantha Cross as his prisoner, Contact 28 was given his promised deliveries, allowing Archer to continue on with his expedition.

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