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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
For the tactical rig in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, see Copycat (Tactical Rig).

Copycat is a death streak perk in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, that enables a player to copy the class of the last person to kill them after dying four times in a row (three times with Hardline Pro) without getting a kill. To activate the Deathstreak, the player is to press the weapon switch key during the Killcam. The killer is then notified that the player has copied their class.


If a player kills a person using a class that the person copied off the same player, the player gets the emblem of the Copycat symbol and the title ID Thief.

Using Copycat grants the player everything that was in their killer's class, regardless of whether or not the player has it unlocked yet. This includes perks, attachments, camouflages, guns, and equipment. If the player does not have the Pro version of the stolen perks, they will not receive Pro perks through Copycat. However, if player has the Pro perks and used Copycat on a player that was using the non-Pro versions, the perks would be automatically upgraded to their Pro variant.

Note that the associated challenges for weapons, perks and equipment are not unlocked until the items themselves are unlocked by the player, so while copying a higher-ranked player's class may allow access to more gear, it also prevents players from improving their regular loadout, as kills players make with unavailable weapons are effectively being "wasted" rather than completing weapon challenges.


  • Copycat's first icon was a black cat (hence the name) instead of a thief.
  • Copycat will work until its user has killed someone and has re-spawned.
  • Copying the class of someone using the One Man Army perk and subsequently using One Man Army to switch to another class will cause the player to keep respawning with the copied One Man Army class.
  • If the player copies an enemy class and gets team-killed (in Hardcore game modes) then they will respawn with the same copied class.