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Cornered is the final mission in the British campaign of Call of Duty World at War (Nintendo DS). It involves pushing the Germans back into Berlin.


  • Dawkins (playable)
  • Fawkes
  • Hammond
  • Pvt. Thomas (K.I.A.)
  • Pvt. Kelly
  • Pvt. Ecksley
  • Pvt. Streepwell
  • Pvt. Wassman
  • Pvt. Hogan
  • Pvt. O'Brien
  • Pvt. Harwick
  • Sgt. O'Leary
  • Sgt. Lee
  • Pvt. King


"Having foiled the German plan to flood the low lying areas, the British troops continue their chase of the German army. The fleeing Germans are caught and cornered on the outskirts of a small, war torn village. They have set defensive positions and appear to be setting up a last stand. The British troops must maintain the pressure on the German troops, holding the take territory while marching on, forcing the enemy back toward Berlin."

The level starts with the player inside a trench that is on the opposite side of the bombed out town. the trench is then attacked by an endless wave of Wehrmacht solders. once the player takes out enough Germans, the wave would retreat. He/she is then instructed to leave the trench and disable three motor teams that has been slowing down the allied advance into the town. the player moves into a series of buildings in order to reach the motor teams. once two of the three motors are down, the player would then have to hold out another wave of Germans that took up position in and around a courtyard. Eventually a hole is blown beneath the second floor of the building; the player goes into the hole and takes down more Wehrmacht solders on the first floor and in the courtyard. After entering the building across the courtyard, the player heads upstairs and takes out the last Motor. with all mortars down the last thing to do is to heal a solder who was just shot in the arm.

After patching up the wound, Capt. Fawkes will say that the wounded should be recovered before heading home and that the Germans won't forget this defeat.

Starting WeaponsEdit

Enemy WeaponsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • If the player doesn't head into the hole, the Germans across the courtyard will continue to spawn endlessly.

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