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The Corpse Gate is a device that appears in The Darkest Shore in Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies.

Overview Edit

Created by Doctor Straub, the gate would function as a lock for Straub, placing several of these gates around the island so that he could access without interference. To do this, a headless body and a non-reanimated head are required to open the gate. The body would be chained onto the gate, while the head would be placed on a special device around the corpse's neck. After the corpse and head are revived with the use of two Überschnalle batteries to the sides of the gate, the head and body would be brought back to life, only to be brutally pulled apart and killed by the Corpse Gate. The head used in opening the Corpse Gate would be lifted up above the door, so it can be used again for other locks.

As punishment for his actions in Mittelburg, Straub acquired the head of Heinz Richter for his own personal key to the Corpse Gates.

The Darkest ShoreEdit

During the events of The Darkest Shore, the four MFAA agents recover the head of a spy within Straub's organization under the codename of "Red Riding Hood". Placing his head on the corpse on the Corpse Gate in the U-Boat Pens, the team revives him by powering the two Überschnalle batteries. Upon awakening, Red Riding Hood pleaded for his life, but to no avail; the four open the Corpse Gate to the Freezer, brutally killing Red Riding Hood once again and preserving his head above the door.


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