Courtyard is a medium-sized multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: World at War.


Courtyard is an enclosed map, with many short corridors, small rooms and a lot of cover. Around the outside edges, the map is very open, with long sightlines, but these areas rarely have large firefights occurring as most players gravitate towards the centre.

The map features mainly close-medium range fights, as there are rarely long sightlines available. The raised grassy sections in the middle of the map can be accessed from several areas and are often used for flanking or surprising enemies.

Many players use this map for lots of cover, but it is somewhat dark compared to the "Castle" and "Asylum" maps.


  • When spawning as the Marine raiders, it is possible to see Shuri Castle in the distance.
  • Although one can see "Castle" from this map, it is not possible to see this map from Castle.
  • There are many rooms that are solid and built with props as if made before being inaccessible. Or this may be because that this map is actually a "Recycled" map from the campaign.
  • Since the map is so small one can rack up many kills with the use of Dogs
  • This map and Dome are the only maps with only three flags in War
  • There is a unused staircase under the north side of the map. This little spot is a good place to call in killstreaks
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