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"According to our Russian Informant, an Estonian freighter is transporting dangerous material through the Bering Strait. Infiltrate the cargo ship and secure the 'package' by any means necessary."
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered level description
Gaz: "Rules of engagement sir?"
Price: "Crew expendable."
Gaz and Captain Price

"Crew Expendable" is the second mission in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. It sees the player control SAS operator Sergeant John "Soap" MacTavish during a special operation as the SAS retrieve a "package" on board an Estonian freighter known as the Väljakutse.



Taking place at night on a storm-lashed Estonian freighter known as the Väljakutse in the Bering Strait, Captain Price leads a team of SAS commandos onto the ship. His team, including SAS newcomer "Soap" MacTavish, rope down onto the ship's deck. Their objective is to recover a suspected nuclear device, which is hidden in a crate inside one of the ship's cargo holds. Captain Price and his team clears the ship's bridge and crew quarters quickly, then proceed through the cargo holds, killing all of the armed guards. They find the package, which turns out to be plutonium, but reports of "fast movers" approaching the ship mean they have to get out quickly, so Soap grabs the shipping manifest and they leave the ship. As they are leaving, the ship is fired upon by the unidentified aircraft. However, the team successfully extract from the ship in the nick of time as it begins to sink. The raid was a partial success, although they could not secure the nuclear device for safekeeping; the manifest seized by Soap points to Middle Eastern military and coup d'etat leader Khaled Al-Asad as the intended buyer of the nuclear device.

Weapon loadout

Starting loadout
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Enemy Intelligence

  • Laptop 1 is located in the bunk room where the drunk Russian comes out. The laptop will be on a desk next to a computer and under a poster.
  • Laptop 2 is in the first cargo hold the player enters. If he/she goes down the first set of stairs, the laptop would be on the left, out in the open.



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  • At the very end of "Game Over", as Soap's vision fades to white, a female news anchor reports that a search for a missing ship, possibly the one in this mission, was called off due to a storm.
    • Some unused audio mentions that the missing ship had luxury automobiles in it, which the one in this mission did not.
  • In the prologue of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a flashback of this mission in which Captain Price is seen smoking a cigar in the helicopter is shown.
    • There was going to be a second flashback of this mission which shows Soap jumping into the extraction helicopter, but it wasn't used. The flashback can still be found in the game files, the file name being "india_flashback_5_1.bik"
  • The containers with Traditional Chinese characters say "快歌樂運輸", which means "Kriegler Transporting", the name printed on some of the other crates. Kriegler was also the original name of the hostage in "Mile High Club" before it was removed from the storyline of the game and added as a bonus mission.
  • Pausing after jumping onto the helicopter will show the player in a hidden corner of the map.
  • This mission contains many references to the Alien franchise:
    • The title, "Crew Expendable" is reference to a line from the first film.
    • The lines "I like to keep this for close encounters," "Check those corners," and "Soldier, we are leaving," are from the second film in the series.
  • Running towards a specific container spawns an enemy that uses 2 Desert Eagles. Killing him gives you two deagles, but the guns have a bug where the ammo count seems to regularly decrease. This was corrected in the Remastered.
  • On the side of the container that has the "Package", it says "IW PWN TZ" vertically.
  • If the player looks closely at the Minigun while it's firing in the beginning, nobody is firing it.
  • It's impossible to kill the sleeping Russians with grenades.
  • Firing the USP. 45 will not wake up the sleeping Russians, even though it is unsilenced.
    • Even if the player runs past the sleeping Russians, the other SAS members will not kill them. They will continue to sleep throughout the mission.
  • There is an OpFor banner behind the nuclear package.
  • In the first room where Price throws a flashbang, there is a hidden enemy who spawns if the player takes point and goes before their squad. He carries a Desert Eagle and shows up around the corner of a container. If the player kills him, he will drop two Desert Eagles.
  • The first section where the team clears out the deck and the living quarters, shares the same layout as the CQB test from F.N.G..[1][2]
  • In Remastered, the USP. 45 given to the player is suppressed as opposed to the non-suppressed USP. 45 given to the player in the original version.
  • In Remastered, in the sleeping enemies room, there are cards around the floor and on some tables that have a Greek Flag on their back side.
    • Also in the nearby bathroom sink, there is a razor with a blood stain next to it.
  • In Traditional Chinese version of Remastered, the mission's title is translated as "不留活口" (Don't leave them alive).