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Crog-Zilla is the main antagonist of the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies map Attack of the Radioactive Thing.

Appearance Edit

The Crog-Zilla is a large over-mutated form of a Crog, which are special enemies in Attack of the Radioactive Thing. It is a reddish color and spits out green radioactive slime.

Role in the Game Edit

In order to "beat" Attack of the Radioactive Thing, the Crog-Zilla must be defeated in a final boss fight. It can be seen at any time outside the map, initially chomping down on the remains of a ship. However, it seems to not notice the players until they open up all barricades leading to the beach area. After that, it will slowly approach the beach, then make roaring sounds. Only after obtaining the bomb code from the safe in the market will the Crog-Zilla revert to sleeping mode and hide.

During Crog rounds, the Crog-Zilla can be seen launching Crog eggs directly from its back. This is also an attack used by the beast during the boss fight.

Final Boss Fight Edit

At the end of the map's main easter egg, Crog-Zilla must be fought by using a nuke-type weapon and death rays. It shoots fireball-like projectiles and a green laser. It can summon crogs to assist it in battle as well.


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