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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
For the character with a similar name in Call of Duty: WWII, see Arthur Crowley.

Sergeant Crowley is a character featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Crowley is a member of the British Metropolitan Police Service and part of a Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officer unit.


In "Piccadilly", he and the others are tracking suspected terrorists. They locate their targets win a white van and notice weapons inside. Crowley and others get out of their SUV and attempt to arrest the suspects. However, a lookout inside a car alerts the other insurgents. Brooks and others order the passengers to get out of the white van and put their hands up, feigning surrender as the driver drives off and detonates a bomb. Crowley will fight along with Garrick in repelling the terrorist attack, but can be killed. If he survives the firefight, he will stay outside of the Tanto building.