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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One.

Crucifix Hill is the twelfth campaign mission in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One.



The level starts with the player and some of the squad on a boat heading towards land through heavy shelling of the river.

The boat reaches land in one piece and the occupants disembark. They move up the path to the cemetery, killing enemies on the way. A nearby sergeant is killed by a mortar round. The squad exits the cemetery and is tasked with fighting through the trenches and destroying three Flak Vierlings. The player destroys the AA guns and is then tasked with assaulting the communications bunker. The squad breaches and clears the bunker. They are then sent back out through the trenches to assault the command bunker and destroy the three Nebelwerfers. The squad is then regrouped with Lt. Hubert and they are debriefed.

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  • The opening scene to the level Crucifix Hill contains multiple references to the river crossing scene in the film A Bridge Too Far where an American infantry company crosses the Rhine River into Germany in similar dinghy boats, also in mid-September 1944.
    • Kelly and the other occupants of their boat use their M1 Carbines as oars. An American officer in the film tells nearby soldiers to use their rifle butts to row if they don't have an oar.
    • Part-way through their river crossing, members of Fox Company come under artillery fire and a few boats are launched into the air. This also happens in the river crossing scene in A Bridge Too Far.
    • By the time the squad's boat nears the far bank, Smith starts reciting Catholic prayers, saying over and over again, "The Lord is my Shepherd". Two soldiers in A Bridge Too Far also do this during the river crossing.