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Narrator: Libya, 1943. The British Crusader Tank enters its second year of service in the North African desert campaign. Desert tank warfare proves difficult and challenging for both sides. Dust clouds kicked up the movement of the tanks and the firing of their cannons create poor visibility conditions during combat.Navigation is also a problem-the vast Libyan desert offers little in the way of recognizable landmarks. The British Crusaders, whose guns lack the range of their German counterparts, are forced to use mass high speed charges to close within firing range-a dangerous strategy that leaves much to be desired...

Journal Edit

January 14, 1943, 2130 hrs


Clear, light winds, 74°F

We've had to learn a whole new kind of tank warfare out here in the desert. The Jerries have superior firepower, but they can't outmaneuver us. Our main tactic is to close fast using our superior speed, and then engage them at close range, where our guns are just as good as theirs. Once a battlefield is cloaked in dust and smoke, survival comes down to the skill of each crew, and a healthy dose of luck.

Tank Commander David Welsh

7th Armoured Division

Crusader Charge Edit

["Crusader Charge"]

[Northwestern Libya]

[January 15, 1943]

[160 miles east of Tripoli]

The player begins in a Crusader Tank.

British tank commander: Pay attention now, Jerries just over the next ridge ahead of us. You gentlemen know the drill. Fritz outranges us, so we'll have to close in in wedge formation and hit them hard and fast. When we get close, circle around the bastards and hit them from the rear. 

The player begins clearing a town of German infantry.

British tank commander: Tank commanders, report in.

Baker One: Baker One ready!

Easy One: Easy One ready!

Fox One: Fox One ready!

Zebra One: Zebra One ready!

British tank commander: Load AP rounds and advance at full speed. Good luck!

The tanks charge up the ridge. As they go over it, German Panzer IIs begin firing on the tanks.

British tank commander: Hold your fire til we get in range! Stay together lads!

Baker One: There's too many of them!

British tank commander: Cut the chatter, Baker One!

The tanks advance on the Panzers.

British tank commander: Almost in range...

British tank commander: Just a little closer...

British tank commander: Fire at will!

The tanks open fire on the Panzers and destroy them.

British tank commander: All units regroup on my position. Repeat. Regroup at checkpoint Suzy.

British tank commander: Well lads, you've all gave Rommel a walloping he won't soon forget. You've made me proud.

The level ends.