Cumberland was a character in Modern Warfare 2: Ghost.


He was part of the third team that went after Manuel Roba. During their flight to Coahuila, Mexico where Roba was located at the time, he saw Vernon sabotaging Sykes' parachute, killing Sykes during their parachuting.

When he and the team went to a bar that night, he called a Delta Force agent and informed him about Vernon's treachery. He was assured that a Delta team would be sent at dawn on the next day to capture Vernon.

When the team made their move on the Day of the Dead and went to Roba's mansion, the team split up, but Vernon took Cumberland hostage and brought him to Roba and had his "cojones" cut off. When Simon Riley arrived and found him, he tried to give him some morphine for the pain, but Vernon appeared and shot him in the head.


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