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Customized Weapon is a feature in Call of Duty Online. It is a special variant of regular weapon equipped with integrated camouflage and attachments, which can’t be unloaded by players. However, its camouflage can be replaced if other camouflages are available.

Parts of the Customized Weapons are not customizable, but they are usually attached with two or more attachments by default.

Ways to Obtain Edit

The following are several ways to obtain Customized Weapons in Call of Duty Online.

Participate in the Game Activities Edit

Players can participate in the game activities post on the official website. In these activities, players usually need to achieve some objectives like keeping online in game at a certain time, completing some challenges in game, etc. Once completed, players can obtain certain or random Customized Weapons as rewards.

Purchase in Game Edit

Most of the Customized Weapons can be purchased in game.

Open Supply Packages Edit

Like the Supply Drop in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the Supply Packages can reward players with Customized Weapons. Players can get Supply Packages by earning a certain amount of scores in P.v.E. modes.

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