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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
For the similar game mode, see Sabotage (Game Mode).
"Retrieve the EMP device and plant it near the enemy's Data Center."
— In-game description

Cyber Attack is a mode featured and introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


Cyber Attack is a hybrid of Sabotage in earlier Call of Duty games and Search and Destroy, but mostly functions similarly to Search and Rescue from Call of Duty: Ghosts, where two teams fight to retrieve an EMP device and use it to destroy the opposing team's Data Center. Players do not respawn but can be revived by teammates, and the match is a best of nine rounds (first to win five rounds win the match).

It is a football-like game mode which features players planting EMP devices on either datacenter while they fight at the same time, similar to other game modes like Onslaughter.


Two teams of 6 players spawn on either side of the map, with each spawn having a data center nearby. This is marked on the players' HUD. The EMP will spawn in a random location near the center of the map which is visible to both teams. When picked up, the EMP icon disappears for the enemy players and the enemy data center location appears for the friendly players. When a player picks up the bomb it will replace their weapon, but does not drop it, instead the player will retain the EMP as a third weapon, similar to the Mule Kick perk-a-cola. The bomb can be held out and used to melee other players. If the player dies, they drop the EMP on the floor. 

When a player is killed, a teammate can revive them. During this time the teammate can still change stance but cannot hold out their weapon or move, as they would when planting a bomb. A player can be revived as many times as possible.

To win the round, a team must eliminate all enemy players, or destroy the enemy objective by planting the EMP, like Search and Destroy. However, if neither of these happen, instead of one team gaining a point for failing to plant, both teams receive a point, as both teams are on attack and defense. This can result in a draw if the score is 4 - 4. The EMP is planted much faster than the bomb in Search and Destroy and does not need to be held out to do so, although a bomb planting animation still plays. When a bomb is planted on the enemy data center a brief EMP pulse is sent out, briefly disrupting enemy HUD and radar.

Unlike Search and Destroy, the EMP can be defused without ending the round. If the bomb has long enough to detonate, it will explode and hurt nearby players, winning the round for the planters.

Players must win 5 rounds to win and the side switches after some rounds. This only affects spawn locations, not objectives.



  • The EMP device has an in-built heartbeat sensor for the sake of the EMP Carrier to be aware of enemy presence. Similar to the Tactical equipment, it can be disrupted with EMP Drones and Stun Grenades.