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The Intelligence Directorate (Spanish: Dirección de Inteligencia, DI), named Dirección General de Inteligencia (DGI) until 1989, is a faction featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer mode. The DGI is the main state intelligence agency of the government of Cuba.


The DGI are a playable multiplayer faction always opposite to the CIA or MI6.

Multiplayer Maps

Known Operatives


Announcer's Quotes
Match Start
  • "Continue the liberation."
  • "DGI you are cleared hot."
  • "El Caballo is watching. Para la revolucion!"
  • "Fight with pride DGI."
  • "Mission Area is hot. Patria o Muerte"
  • "Mission Clock is live. DGI - Move out."
  • "MTC is running DGI."
  • "Our people demand victory."
  • "You're on the clock - get to work."
Time concern
  • "DGI we're running out of time."
  • "It's now or never - MTC is low."
  • "Pick up the pace DGI - we're out of time."
Imminent defeat in half-time
  • "It's a marathon, not a sprint. You'll take the next round."
  • "Time is against us - Turn this around."
Imminent defeat
  • "Desperate times mean desperate measures. We have to take this."
  • "No second chances, this is all or nothing."
  • "You're letting them steal our victory."
Round loss
  • "Gather yourselves brothers & sisters, we will win the next battle."
  • "Basta! DGI pull back to exfil locations."
  • "Return for debrief DGI - this must never happen again."
  • "RTB DGI - We'll make the capitalists regret this day."
  • "That's a fail DGI - all survivors RTB."
  • "The battle is lost. Return to base."
Imminent victory in half-time
  • "It's as good as ours. Keep it tight and by the numbers."
  • "It's not won yet, keep it tight."
  • "Keep applying pressure - we're ahead."
Imminent victory
  • "Mission goals are in sight. Bring this home."
  • "Stay on mission DGI, we have this."
  • "The win's in sight, maintain that momentum."
  • "We're pulling ahead - press your advantage."
  • "We are winning this."
  • "All mission goals secured. Return to base."
  • "Excellent work DGI - the Liberation Directorate send their thanks."
  • "Good job DGI, return to base for debrief."
  • "Let the cowards run - the day is ours."
  • "That's the win. Good work hermanos"
  • "Victory's close. Wrap it up, and lets go home."
  • "Victory is ours - En cada barrio, Revolucion."