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"Dimitri? We thought you were among the dead in the massacre at the square!"
— Daletski upon finding Petrenko and Reznov.

Sergeant Daletski (Russian: Далетский), also referred to as Daletsky in the game files, was a Soviet soldier during the Battle of Stalingrad in Call of Duty: World at War, seen in the level "Vendetta".

He was one of the survivors of the massacre Petrenko and Reznov were caught in at the fountain. He saves them from capture by a small squad of Germans and proceeds to lead an attack on the nearby communications building. When the attack is successful, he proceeds to lead the unit towards General Amsel's headquarters. He and his squad approach the base and immediately two of his men are killed. Just before Amsel comes out, a German Panzer IV fires on Daletski's piece of cover. A German soldier will then fire his MG42 at Daletski, killing him, unless the player can shoot the German early enough, then that will buy Daletski enough time to run back to cover with his men and out of danger.

Daletski's character model is randomly generated.

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