"A SFSG helicopter insertion clears the grounds surrounding the Hoover Dam before deploying ground troops to clear the interior."
— In-game description

"Dam Approach" is the eighth campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance. It takes place outside the Hoover Dam exterior which is now being compromised by Russian forces.


The mission opens up with Noyce and the rest of his team on a helicopter flown by an unnamed pilot (possibly Cowboy, who drops the team off at the beginning of "Lights Out"). There is a second helicopter to help aid Noyce and company as they approach Hoover Dam. The helicopter navigates through several turns before coming to the sight of a damaged Hoover Dam, which shows obvious signs of armed conflict.

The helicopter brings the group to a lower complex as they prepare to open fire. Much of the level carries on in a fashion similar to this, which involves firing on enemy soldiers. After the lower complex is cleared, the helicopter moves to the upper level of the Dam.

At the top level of the Hoover Dam, the S.F.S.G forces are required to engage enemy boats, which use mounted machine guns to fire on the helicopter. After this, the team provides covering fire from multiple groups of hostiles engaging American National Guard.

The group makes one final pass along the dam, facing more boats before they follow up a highway to the end of the level, where Noyce, Hughes, and Cole are deployed.



Starting Loadout



  • Despite saying that Noyce is part of the British S.F.S.G, he wears the US National Guard camouflage pants instead of the traditional black British army pants. Also his hands are bare instead of wearing the traditional British S.F.S.G black gloves, but in the next level "Lights Out" he wears them.
  • Ammo is unlimited for both guns including the grenade launcher for the M4.
  • The soldier to the right of Noyce will sometimes continuously fire his M4 in a pattern for no certain reason.

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