" The final push in the port of Baltimore. The Russians are trying to establish an entry for additional troops and weaponry."
— In-game description


"Dangerous Cargo" is the thirteenth campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance. It takes place at a Baltimore port where the US National Guard attempt to push the Russian's out of the port.


Dangerous Cargo opens up with Jane giving a briefing of the mission to Case and Trent as a boat takes them silently into the Russian occupied port. The group sneaks into the seaport, where Case slices a fence so that the team can move forward. The group takes cover as a patrol passes through, and Jane orders the team to hold their fire until he gives the go. After the patrol of four Russian separates, Jane and Trent eliminate two of the Russians.

Trent must then hack a computer before the group continues forward. Trent uncovers a manifest that Jane reveals as the manifest to a WMD. Russians, having heard the gunshots, begin to pour onto the dock. The team fights past the hostiles and hacks into the security system of the dock's warehouses.

The team fights through the first room of the warehouse and down a short hallway to the second room, where a truck is leaving with what Jane assumes is the weapon of mass destruction. The group fights up some catwalks and then pushes to get outside, fighting to get a view of the truck.

As the group reaches the roof, Hunter identifies the group as Groundhog while looking for the escaping truck. Trent provides cover with a sniper rifle as Russians begin to take shots from multiple locations at the group. The truck is spotted heading west, and Case is left behind on the roof to provide cover as Trent and Jane move out to meet up with another team in the area that is moving to cut off the WMD.



Starting Loadout
Found in level



  • At the beginning of the mission, Capt. Jane's and Sgt. Case's idle movements are in sync.
  • At the beginning of the mission, while Sgt. Case is cutting the wire fence, the player will notice the wire is already split with an extra wire in front of it.
  • When the truck leaves, if the player run near the door he will notice that the truck vanishes after a short time.

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