"Dangerous Waters" is a mission in Call of Duty: World at War (Nintendo DS).



The level will start out with the player on a Quad mount 40mm Bofors AA. About 5 F4U Corsairs will fly by and will provide support for much of the level, but they cannot be relied on to do all of the work. The mission objective is to destroy all of the Kamikaze planes and protect the ships in the fleet. The American fleet sits off the coast of Okinawa as they prepare for the invasion of Japan. The player must fight of a fairly large amount of Kamikaze planes before the mission is complete. The battle in the Pacific is nearly over, but the final inches will be the hardest fought. Japan, knowing invasion is inevitable, does its best to keep the American forces at bay by sending wave after wave of Zeroes to attack the fleet. The allied gunners use the AA to fight back the Japanese threat.


The player will defend the battleship he/she is on for all of the mission so the only thing the player should look out for are 2 heavily armored kamikaze planes that will try to crash into the aircraft carrier parallel to the player; the player should fire forward of the plane due to fore-stalling.

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