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"Soldiers of honor have a rule. No one gets left behind. But for Daniel Take Yatsu, it's not just a rule. It's the rule. No matter how fierce the enemy, how overwhelming the numbers, how dark the day, he's here to make good on a promise. And bring everyone home."
Carver Butcher

Sergeant Daniel Take Yatsu is an Operator featured in Call of Duty: Vanguard Mutliplayer and Zombies mode.


Daniel Take Yatsu was born in 1923 to two Japanese immigrants who ran an auto shop in Los Angeles. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States government took away Yatsu's family home and business. While his family was incarcerated in a concentration camp, Yatsu was drafted into service and was deployed as a sniper in Italy as part of a segregated unit of Japanese-Americans.



Name Rarity Image How to obtain
Marksman Base DanielYatsu Marksman Skin VG.png Multiplayer: Get 200 Marksman Rifle Kills.
Zombies: Get 2000 Eliminations with Marksman Rifles.
Decorated Common DanielYatsu Decorated Skin VG.png Operator Level 10
Nisei Common DanielYatsu Nisei Skin VG.png Operator Level 20
Confirmer Rare DanielYatsu Confirmer Skin VG.png Reach Max Level with All Operators in the Hell Hounds Unit
CDL - Home Rare
CDL - Away Rare
Ground Cover Rare Season One Battle Pass Tier 40
Holy Mountain Epic DanielYatsu Holy Mountain Skin VG.png Reach Max Level with All Operators in 4 Units


Name Rarity Quote How to obtain
No Wonder Common "If that's your best, no wonder you're losing!"
Operator Level 2
Targets Common "Just knocking down targets."
Operator Level 14

Finishing Moves

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Rack It Base RackIt FinishingMove Daniel CODV.gif Default universal Finishing Move
Dig Deep Common Operator Level 17
Universal Finishing Moves

Highlight Intros

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Press Check Base PressCheck HighlightIntro Daniel CODV.gif Default universal intro
Crossfire Rare Operator Level 15
Universal Highlight Intros

MVP Hightlights

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Pistol-Whip Base PistolWhip MVPHighlight Daniel CODV.gif Default universal MVP highlight
Gut Check Common Operator Level 5
Universal MVP Highlights