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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode
For the achievements of the name "Blackjack", see Achievements/Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Achievements/Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered.

"Don't care about Black, Hendricks. Care about Green."
— Danny "Blackjack" Li, in "Provocation".

Danny Li is a member of the 54 Immortals. He served as one of the group's weapons dealers, and is a former associate of Winslow Accord Agent Jacob Hendricks. Danny Li appears in "Provocation", as well as in the multiplayer mode as the Black Market vendor Blackjack. As Blackjack, Li operates the Black Market, selling weapons, taunts, camouflages and other items to players in exchange for Cryptokeys or CODPoints.

Blackjack returns in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in a revamped Black Market during Operation Grand Heist.

Events of Black Ops III

Danny Li was in a meeting with John Taylor and Hendricks, who pretend to be former agents turned arms dealers. Wanting to sell Li supplies, he agrees before stabbing one of his associates with a knife for making a mistake. Li is neutralized by Grunts, alongside Goh Min, as Goh Xiulan escapes with the servers.

Unbeknownst to both Taylor and Hendricks, Li managed to survive thanks to the usage of a recently acquired Rejack unit. His life was spared by 54i enforcer He "Seraph" Zhen-Zhen, who deemed that the organization had suffered too many losses already, with the deaths of their leaders being the latest. Thus, Li resorted to working as a mercenary, going by his new name "Blackjack" to restore his reputation.

Due to his encounter with Taylor, Li would end up appearing in the Player's dream simulation, playing out the same role he did years before, only with the Player replacing Taylor.


Danny Li, reborn as Blackjack

"That's all you get... for today. Now make up your mind before I start charging rent."
— Blackjack

Blackjack was introduced to the game on June 14th, unlocked via acquiring Mercenary Contracts, by completing Weekly Contracts. Each Mercenary Contract allows the usage of Blackjack for a limited time of one hour. His two specialist abilities allow him to acquire the weapons and abilities of other specialists.

In addition, each week there is one "side bet" that the player can complete to earn an exclusive calling card.


"Once a well-connected 54I fixer, Danny Li narrowly survived a disastrous meeting that he brokered between Winslow Accord agents and the organization's leaders through the use of a recently acquired Rejack unit.

Deeming that they had suffered too many losses already, the enforcer, Seraph decided not to execute him for his part in the deaths of Min and Xuilan Goh, stating that they needed all of their remaining strength in order to rebuild.

Blackjack now operates as a mercenary, restoring his reputation, and bringing glory to the clan; all the while salvaging up new stock from the spoils on the battlefield.
— Blackjack's biography


"You like what you see? This... is the Black Market. I'm the only vendor left that can hook you up with the new contraband. Check out these new items that I've scavenged."
— In the first Black Market Update Trailer.

"What? You looking for a... handout?"
— When the player visits the Black Market with insufficient Cryptokeys or CoD Points.

"You think that's all I've got? You're not even close. I've always got the good shit."
— In the first Black Market update trailer

"Hey. Customers only. You here to buy... or for chit-chat? Because my new crowbar is great at small talk."
— In the 2/9 Black Market Trailer.

"For me, this semi-automatic crossbow. Mmmm... I like. It's silent, so people can't find you. Which is nice because... I don't like people."
— In the 2/9 Black Market Trailer.

"And if some chump feels the need to get close, there's the buckshot handcannon. It's like a warm hug, but the opposite."
— In the 2/9 Black Market Trailer.

"Well, you here to buy... or shall I get my crowbar?"
— In the 2/9 Black Market Trailer.

"Back for more? You made it here so you must be doing well for yourself. What a surprise. Well then, let's see the goods."
— In the 3/22 Black Market Trailer.

"The HG 40 SMG. A modern version of a classic. Mmmm... modern. Yes please."
— In the 3/22 Black Market Trailer.

"The Carver. You can pretend it's Thanksgiving or not. A plump juicy turkey right around."
— In the 3/22 Black Market Trailer.

"Bolt action RSA Interdiction sniper rifle. For mobile sharpshooters, not campers. Your hiding fools no one."
— In the 3/22 Black Market Trailer.

"The Malice dagger... It's wavy, which incidentally is how I prefer my potato chips."
— In the 3/22 Black Market Trailer.

"Hm... what's next? Ooohhh... Nice followthrough."
— In the 3/22 Black Market Trailer describing the MVP.

"And for my showboating assassins, all new ways to gloat. You're welcome."
— In the 3/22 Black Market Trailer.

"Yo. I can sense an empty wallet from a mile away."
— When opening Blackjack's Shop without enough CoD Points for a purchase/without any cases to open.




  • During the conversation in "Provocation", Hendricks asks if Danny still uses a guy named Jae Xiong as an enforcer, to which Danny replies that he wasn't seen in years. Later during the campaign, it is found that Jae Xiong was one of the test subjects in project SP/CORVUS.
  • Upon viewing Blackjack in the Specialists menu after completing the Weekly Contracts, he will be labeled as "Mercenary" instead of "Specialists".
  • He cannot be customized whatsoever, including taunts and gestures.
    • Equipping Rogue will have his hood up, while Gambler will have his hood down.
    • Blackjack has multiple first place taunts which are randomized upon winning a match.
    • He will appear unarmed in the Winner's Circle and uses the Brass Knuckles animation.
  • When the player gets set back a weapon in Gun Game, Blackjack can be heard faintly laughing.
  • In the Multiplayer map Gauntlet, one of side the map has displays with all Specialist equipment with a nameplate for each out of them, with a screen saying "Status: Online". One of the displays has the screen saying "Status: Unknown" with the name scratched from the nameplate. It has no Specialist equipment in it, but has a playing card of Jack of Spades. This was a teaser for Blackjack as a Specialist. Note that the Jack of Spades is a Black Jack.
  • Blackjack was intended to be a Multiplayer specialist in Black Ops 4 during development.