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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Mobile

"They call him the gatekeeper of death."
— In-game biography

Dark Shepherd is a character featured in Call of Duty: Mobile and was added in the game on August 21, 2020, during Season 9 Conquest as part of Hellon Shells Draw [1] Later, during Season 7: Elite of Elite, Dark Shepherd appears in the Comics, being part of a mysterious organization called The Dark Covenant.


Not much is known about Dark Shepherd except that he’s member of the Dark Covenant alongside Artery, Kryptis, Witch Doctor and Stansfield. He later joins the battle against Rorke and his mercs when Templar & Dame betray him. He also witnesses Dame’s execution of Rorke.

Later on, in Blackout, when Templar kills Dame after she tells him that she will not let his daughter go, Dark Shepherd is goaded into fighting Templar along with the rest of the Covenant members.

Dark Shepherd informs Templar that the Covenant is for life and that there’s no way out, to which the French merc replies that he will then have to kill them all. Dark Shepherd attempts to strike at Templar with his scythes, but they are bisected by Templar’s knives.

After Artery taunts Templar about his daughter Sophia, he informs them that he will get her back. Dark Shepherd questions him how he will do it since he has no intel, no allies & no resources. But Templar says he will do it by whatever means necessary.

After a grueling battle, Dark Shepherd is shown to be defeated by Templar along with Artery, as he is seen being carried away by Witch Doctor, who vows that their fight isn’t over.