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David Hasselhoff
SpacelandDJ Zombies IW
Alias(es) The DJ
The Hoff
Michael Knight
Appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Affiliations Actors
Cosmic Tunes Radio (host)
Nationality American
Status Alive
Birth July 17th, 1952, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Sex Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Race Caucasian
Weapon Erad, Kendall 44, any weapon picked up by the player
Actor David Hasselhoff
Level Zombies in Spaceland
Attack of the Radioactive Thing (mentioned only)
"An icon who was sucked into the never-ending zombie apocalypse some time ago, he’s smart, and resourceful, and has figured out how to survive inside Willard Wyler’s movie. He will now break out all the stops to aid the new victims, stop Wyler, and finally escape this real-life nightmare."
— Official biography

David Hasselhoff, also known as the Spaceland DJ is a character featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Zombies mode, and is the secret unlockable celebrity character for use in Zombies in Spaceland. He assists the characters in fighting the zombies, and gives hints toward progression of the story. He also sits in a booth playing various 80's songs.

Involvement Edit

Like the actors, Hasselhoff was trapped in the Spaceland movie by Willard Wyler for some unknown amount of time, as he has to relive his iconic role from the Knight Rider series, Michael Knight. When four actors arrive in the film, Hasselhoff attempts to assist them by giving hints as to how they can progress, and also provides assistance occasionally in fighting the zombies.

Upon completion of the easter egg, Hasselhoff congratulates the crew on their success in acquiring the first piece of the Soul Key, and notes that it is only the beginning of their journey in defeating Wyler. He would continue to remain in Spaceland as its sole prisoner, until the arrival of Wyler himself who was sent there by the four actors. Despite their prior relationship, Hasselhoff continues to assist Wyler in getting out of the film. 

Character Code Edit

After completing the main easter egg, enter the following code in the pre-game lobby of Zombies in Spaceland: Left, Right, Left, Up, Down.

The cheat code must be entered quickly to work. There will be a portrait of David Hasselhoff in the bottom center of the screen, indicating the cheat code was entered successfully. When Spaceland is launched, the player will be David Hasselhoff instead of one of the four actors, complete with a new melee and Knight Rider intro music. Upon spawning in, the achievement Hoff The Charts! will unlock if the player does this for the first time.

Gallery Edit

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