David Welsh
DW 1943
David Welsh in Libya on January 18th, 1943.
Alias(es) Fox Three
Appears in Call of Duty 2
Rank Tank Commander
Affiliations British Army, 7th Armoured Division
Nationality British
Status Alive (As of 1943)
Sex Male
Race Caucasian
Weapon Crusader Tank, Lee-Enfield (Death Glitch), Sten (Death Glitch), Webley (seen in loading screen)

Tank Commander David Welsh was a British Crusader Tank Commander who fought German Panzer tanks during World War II. Welsh is a playable character in the British campaign of Call of Duty 2.


Call-of-Duty 2 David-Welsh

David Welsh in Libya on January 18th, 1943.

Commander David Welsh (Callsign Fox Three) was a member of the 7th Armoured Division who fought in the deserts of North Africa, mostly in Libya in the year 1943. Welsh had his first battle against Panzer II tanks and though the Crusaders were outnumbered, the battle was soon won. Two days later, Commander Welsh led the tanks into a German occupied area and destroyed FlaK 88 guns and some Panzer II tanks. While Sergeant John Davis (who also serves in the same division) goes on to fight in France, Welsh is abruptly omitted from the story.

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