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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII

"In World War I, we're first to hold off a German attack, first to launch a counteroffensive, first to cross the Rhine. Nothing has ever stopped us, nothing ever will!"
— Davis

Colonel Davis is a character in Call of Duty: WWII. He is the commanding officer of 1st Infantry Division and seen in Headquarters mulitiplayer as a general.


World War I

Davis was a veteran of the First World War who served in the 1st Infantry Division. He stayed in the army after the war ended and was promoted to Colonel, becoming the commanding officer of the division.

Battle of Kasserine Pass

Davis was the commanding officer of the 1st Infantry Division in the Battle of Kasserine Pass. He ordered William Pierson's squad to retreat but Pierson disobeyed his orders and attempted to save his men who were stuck in the pass.

Invasion of France

Davis' speech right before the beach landings.

On June 6th, 1944, Davis gave a speech right before the 1st Infantry Division was sent to Omaha Beach, Normandy.  In the operation in Caen after the Normandy landings, Davis ordered the Joseph Turner to send a squad to rescue Charlie Company near Marigny. Davis later teamed up the squad with the British Special Operations Executive agents Arthur Crowley and Vivian to stop a German Armoured Train which was transporting V-2 Rockets to the launch site.

Hürtgen Forest and Hill 493

After the Battle of Aachen, Davis blamed Turner and Pierson for evacuating civilians as he didn't want them to repeat the events at the Kasserine Pass. Davis told the squad the 1st Infantry Division effort in World War I and soon launched an assault to the Hürtgen.

Last Months of World War II

Davis' final speech.

After the mission Ambush, Davis gives an honorable discharged to Ronald "Red" Daniels instead of punishing him with a court martial for abandoning his platoon to go rescue Zussman from capture in Ambush, due to Daniels securing critical intelligence from the German prisoner. After the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany, Davis gave a speech at the Port of Le Havre garrison and awarded Daniels with the Bronze Star.



  • In the mission Operation Cobra, after the player rescues the stranded soldiers with the jeep, Pierson calls Davis a captain despite him being a colonel. This was most likely an oversight.