Davis Family Vacation
Davis Family Vacation MW3
Previous level Mind the Gap
Next level Goalpost
Game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Character Mr. Davis
Team Civilians
Place London, England, United Kingdom
Date Day 3 (October 6th), 2016
Console codename innocent
Mrs. Davis: "Okay. So, this is day 3, London, and we're off to... Sarah, tell daddy where we're going."
Sarah Davis: "We're going to Big Ben!"
— Mrs. Davis and her daughter

"Davis Family Vacation" is the eighth mission of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that takes place after "Mind the Gap".



Mr. Davis turns on his video camera and films his wife and daughter on the pavement (sidewalk) in London. His wife and his daughter, Sarah, mention their destination for the day, Big Ben. Filled with excitement, Sarah runs toward a flock of pigeons on the corner of the pavement and spins around, laughing.

A truck stops around the corner and two Russians dismount and run away. Shortly after, the truck explodes, killing the family. The truck releases gas, being part of a series of chemical attacks across Europe, triggering the next step of World War III.




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  • It is possible to skip the mission if the player considers its content offensive, with no harm to campaign progress, much like "No Russian" in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  • This level was shown during the IGN Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 live stream.
  • Despite the level taking place in the U.K., all of the parking meters have U.S. Dollar pricing on them.
  • The level is not selectable from the level select menu, taking place within "Mind the Gap", hence there being one intel required to be found during the gas attack scene.
  • The player cannot cross the road.
  • It is possible to "aim" with the camera by pressing the aim button.
  • It is easier on the Wii version to see through the gas, due to graphical limitations.
  • If the player kills the police or the SAS operators and swap any of their weapons right before the screen turns black, the player can use the weapon. None of the cars will explode if shot at and if the player kills any of the civilians or the two Inner Circle members that were in the truck, they will get the "civilian killed" message.
  • In the map, Sanctuary, there are three grassy spots. If the player lies down in the grass, they will hear Sarah and Mrs. Davis repeating quotes from the level.
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