[“Davis Family Vacation”]

[London, Day 3]

Mr. Davis is filming his wife and daughter on vacation in London. The player has control of the “FreeCAM,” so he can look and move anywhere.

Mrs. Davis: You got it? Are you recording? Okay. So, this is day 3, London, and we're off to... Sarah, tell daddy where we're going.

Sarah: We're going to Big Ben!

Mrs. Davis: That's right. Big Ben. Oh, there it is, sweetie. It's right there.

She points Sarah to the Big Ben in the background.

Mrs. Davis: Honey, are you getting this?

If the player still stands where he is.

Mrs. Davis: Come on, get closer. Honey, you're missing it.

Davis walks closer. Sarah goes and spins around.

Sarah: Daddy, look over here. (laughs) Look at me, daddy.

Mrs. Davis: She is really hyper today. Sarah, don't go too far.

A Charity Worldwide truck drives from the right and parks at the corner ahead. Two men come out of the truck and run away from it. A flock of pigeons are standing on the sidewalk.

Sarah: Birds! Look, mommy, there's birds!

Sarah goes to chase the pigeons.

Mrs. Davis: That's your daughter. You know she gets that from you.

The truck explodes. The Davis family is killed. People scream as they run away in fear. The camera continues to record as green smoke pours out of the wreckage. The smoke looms over the camera and the recording stops.

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