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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: World at War for the Nintendo DS.
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For the character in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, see Dawkins.

Private Mark[citation needed] Dawkins is a member of the SAS, under command of Captain Fawkes, Captain Hammond and his brother, Sergeant Dawkins. He is the main character for the British faction. He is in Call of Duty: World at War (Nintendo DS).


Private Dawkins is seen as a bomber, pilot, and gunner for a British Avro Lancaster Bomber, and is greeted by many Nazi planes, taking them out with ease at first, but tensions rise after the bomb bay is hit, leaving him with minutes of time on his plane. He bombs Nazi repair yards, tank yards, and a Nazi base, in addition to a tank convoy as his plane loses height, but luckily he is needed to support a group on the ground not far from his current location. In the last seconds of the plane, he parachutes out, injuring himself, but he is able to push the Nazis out of the area. He encounters a Panzer on this level, after he takes out the Germans holed up in a building nearby.

Soon after, he has to relocate a vital supply drop in the snow covered Rhine Forest. The supply drop is made up of a tank, some ammunition, and a machine gun. After that he commands a tank. Then he and a large group of SAS troops foil a German plan to flood the low-lying area's bordering Germany by blowing up a dam. This mission is timed and he defuses three bombs at the end of the dam and uses a radio to contact command, just after he has to defend the dam from Stuka dive bombers with an AA gun, when they are destroyed he plants explosives and regroups.

Next, he takes part in pushing the Nazis to Berlin. In the final stand, the SAS assault a German city, stopping mortar teams, providing sniper support, and saving many troops. In the final battle, he must finish off waves of enemies, and as he finishesm the Nazis run, where he can snipe them, or let them live, as they go running to Berlin.