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Dawnville is a multiplayer map that appears in Call of Duty, Call of Duty: United Offensive and Call of Duty 2. The map name in Call of Duty 2 is St. Mere Eglise.

Dawnville is a dramatization of the town of Sainte Mere Eglise which the 101st and 82nd Airborne dropped in the early morning of June 6 in part of Operation Overlord. This particular city is hit by both divisions, but the initial assault is led by Baker Company and Captain Foley.

Overview Edit

Call of Duty and United OffensiveEdit


A look at the Call of Duty and United Offensive version of Dawnville.

The map Dawnville is exactly like the Call of Duty campaign mission "Dawnville", in most respects. There is an open graveyard which is connected to a house that leads to the main road that runs down the town. Across the street from this house is the train station where the tracks run in the open from the two tunnels. Along these tracks are a post office, the train station and hotel. The hotel leads to the other end of the street. The 2nd story of the hotel is great for sniping across the way that has a direct visual with the church entrances and exits, a hole in the wall from the ruins and the trench which can be used to counter-sniper the position. The map is both good for close range combat, sniping and machine gunning. There are a total of two machine guns in the map with one in the church and the other near the wall that leads to the train station. The combatants in the map are the American Airborne and the German Wehrmacht.

Call of Duty 2Edit

Mp dawnville

A view of the Ste. Mere Eglise church in the Call of Duty 2 version.

In the Call of Duty 2 version, it is renamed St. Mere Eglise, and is quite similar, but at the same time, with several important differences. It has more restrictions, and the map has been stripped of the train tracks and station. There has also been the addition of a Browning .30 Cal Machine gun near the church trench and more sniping positions. It might be considered tougher to play on than the original because it is now set in the early morning, consequently with less light. Its church is more detailed, with stained glass windows. The Call of Duty 2 version also has the same ruins. The combatants in the map are the German Wehrmacht and the American Rangers.

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