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Days of Summer Icon MWR.png

Days of Summer is a special event that was live in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered from June 27th, 2017 to August 1st, 2017[1] and live from July 11th, 2017 to August 1st, 2017[2] in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The special event was also available in Call of Duty: WWII and the other 3 titles from July 31st, 2018 to August 28th, 2018[3] with a main focus on Call of Duty: WWII. Across all three titles, double XP, Weapon XP, Liquid Divinium (Black Ops III), Mission Team XP (Infinite Warfare) and supply drop currency (Cryptokeys, Keys and Depot Credits respectively) were able to be utilized for set times during the duration of the event.

Days of Summer returned for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 from June 4th, 2019 to July 9th, 2019 on PlayStation 4 and between June 11th, 2019 and July 16th, 2019 on Xbox One and PC.[4]

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Awakening DLC

Awakening DLC Map Pack

Available from July 11th, 2017 to August 1st, 2017[2], the Awakening Map Pack maps were available for free on multiplayer to all players on all platforms for the duration of the event. Players who also owned the Awakening Map Pack are given Double XP until the end of the event.

KVK 99m and MAX-GL

Released on July 11th, 2017[2], two new weapons were added into Black Ops III, being the KVK 99m, the AN-94 from Call of Duty: Black Ops II and the MAX-GL, the China Lake from Call of Duty: Black Ops. Both weapons were added to the supply drop pool.

Cherry Fizz Camo

Available in supply drops from July 11th, 2017 to July 18th, 2017[2], a new camouflage called Cherry Fizz Camouflage was added into the game, following the trend of timed exclusive camouflages in Black Ops III. Cherry Fizz Camouflage was only available in rare supply drops for its duration.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Proteus, Trek-50 and M.2187

A small weapon pack of three new weapons was released, containing the Proteus, a shotgun/sniper rifle hybrid classified as a sniper rifle, the Trek-50, a breach-loading single shot sniper rifle, and the M.2187, a lever action shotgun. As per previous weapons added via an update, the base variants are given for free to all Season Pass owners, can be unlocked once a respective weapon variant is obtained, or earned via the completion of some challenges.

Turista & Turista 24/7

Over the course of Days of Summer, the map Turista from the Continuum Map Pack was available for free to all players. The map was available in all playlists, as well as being available in a new gamemode Turista 24/7, in which all games are held on the map Turista. Gamemodes available in Turista 24/7 include Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination and Defender.

New Characters

Promo image for the characters

During Days of Summer, players were able to earn and play as campaign characters from the Modern Warfare and Infinite Warfare series for use in multiplayer. These characters include Captain Price, Ghost, Nick Reyes, Nora Salter, E3N "Ethan" and Usef Omar. The characters are only usable on their respective rigs after obtaining the set pieces from supply drops, for example, the player cannot use Captain Price on any combat rig other than Stryker. Set pieces are of Epic quality.

Days of Summer Supply Drops

Days of Summer supply drop.

Also available during Days of Summer was the ability for players to purchase a Days of Summer supply drop for 200 CODPoints or 30 Keys that awarded a dupe-protected Days of Summer limited item and two other items, similar to a Rare supply drop. 20 respective Days of Summer supply drops were available for purchase each week.

As well as purchasable supply drops, players were also awarded a free Days of Summer supply drop every Wednesday and Friday, amounting up to 10 free drops over the course of the event. These drops only contained one single item and was also dupe protected. Players who earn all Days of Summer items for a particular week will instead earn keys or Salvage as placeholders for the drop.

From August 1st, 2017 to August 8th, 2017, after the Days of Summer event ended, players were able to purchase a Days of Summer Round Up Hack, allowing players to earn 3 dupe protected Days of Summer items from weeks 1-4 for 45 Keys or 300 CODPoints for 7 days.

Days of Summer Items

Some of the items given during the event.

A total of ten camouflages, five weapon variants, five emblems, five calling cards, two accessories, a gesture and two reticles were added to the game, available for a limited time and through the Days of Summer supply drops. Each week had a unique rotation of items.

Week 1

Week 2

  • Epic Fireworks Camouflage
  • Epic Sunrise Camouflage
  • Legendary R.A.W. - Solar Powered
  • Legendary Beach Ball Reticle
  • Legendary Bomb Voyage Calling Card
  • Rare Cs-137 Emblem

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Beach Bog

Beach Bog

Beach Bog is a revision of the map Bog, placing Bog during the daytime on a beach. Throughout Beach Bog is a Summer theme, featuring map objects such as surfboards, sand, tourist centres and pool objects. The map is available for free to all platforms, and is available for use in private matches.

Beach Bog 24/7, Snipers Only, Demolition, Slasher, Prop Hunt and Beachcomber

With the addition of Beach Bog came the release of a seasonal gamemode, Beach Bog 24/7. All games played with this mode will occur on Beach Bog, as either Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, RPGs Only or Hardpoint. Beach Bog 24/7 was taken off the playlist on August 1st, 2017.

A derivative of Prop Hunt was also released for the Weekend Warfare of June 30th, 2017 to July 8th, 2017[5] called Beachcomber, featuring only the map Beach Bog in the rotation, alongside normal Prop Hunt, which was also released for the same week. A third, fourth and fifth Weekend Warfare mode was released, respectively Snipers Only from July 7th, 2017 to July 14th, 2017[6], Slasher from July 14th, 2017 to July 21st, 2017[7] and Demolition from July 21st, 2017 to July 28th, 2017[8].

From July 27th, 2017 to August 1st, 2017, Prop Hunt and Slasher were held in a vote to make one of them a permanent gamemode. Prop Hunt gathered the most votes and was made a permanent mode on August 1st, 2017.[9][10][11]

Cowabunga, Friends Forever, Antsy & Popsicle Camouflages

Added with Days of Summer came four new camouflages available for the player to unlock via completing certain challenges. Cowabunga Camouflage, Friends Forever Camouflage, Antsy Camouflage and Popsicle Camouflage are able to be unlocked for weapon classes after completing specific challenges on Beach Bog, similar to the Folium and Prism camouflages for Daybreak.

To unlock the Cowabunga and Friends Forever camouflages, the player must win 10 and 30 games (Assault Rifles), call in 10 and 30 UAVs (Submachine Guns), flash 25 and 100 enemies (Light Machine Guns), kill 10 and 50 enemies with frag grenades (Shotguns), kill 50 and 500 enemies (Sniper Rifles) and kill 10 and 50 enemies with melee (Pistols).

To unlock the Antsy and Popsicle camouflages, the player must earn three longshot medals in a single life 10 and 30 times (Assault Rifles), kill 10 enemies without dying 5 and 20 times (Submachine Guns), kill 10 and 25 enemies with their own weapons (Light Machine Guns), call in two helicopters in a single match five and 10 times (shotguns), kill two or more enemies with a single bullet one and five times (sniper rifles) and achieve a three killstreak with a melee weapon one and five times (pistols).

Days of Summer Supply Drops

The Free Weekly Days of Summer Supply Drop

For a limited time, Days of Summer supply drops were available to the player, for a price of 30 Depot Credits or 200 CODPoints. One free Days of Summer supply drop was given to the player for free per week, for a maximum of five for the entire duration of the event. Inside these special supply drops were two items from the Operation Copperhead collection pool, and one item from the Days of Summer collection pool, with a guarantee that at least one item is of quality Rare or higher. The Days of Summer supply drop is the only method of obtaining Days of Summer exclusive items available to the player, and was taken off the Depot on August 1st, 2017.

Days of Summer Collections

Days of Summer supply drop card

The release of Operation Shamrock & Awe was also accompanied with new supply drop content only available during the active operation. A total of 6 collections were added, with 44 items spanned across the collections. A seventh collection was also added, that is unlocked after completing the other collections, and consists of a single item. The item allows the player to change their character model to a summer themed model of Darren "Graves" Cosgrave, the owner of the Depot. An item found in a supply drop that is from the Days of Summer collections are noted with a sun on the back of the card.

Days of Summer


Heat Wave





Call of Duty: WWII


Sandbox is a map added to the game with the special event, which is set in a sandbox in the Headquarters. Players of the Allies and Axis have the unique appearance of green and grey armymen respectively on this map. The map is released 30 days earlier for the Playstation 4 platform.

Sandbox 24/7, Dogfight, Leprechaun Hunt Moshpit

Sandbox 24/7

The Sandbox 24/7 playlist is added with the addition of the Sandbox map, which is a mosh pit of game modes only on the map.


The Dogfight game mode is also added to the game with the special event. The mode is a 6v6 aerial Team Deathmatch, similar to the last objective of Operation Husky. Every player will pilot either the P-47 Thunderbolt or the Messerschmitt BF109 depending on their team. There are two exclusive maps made for this game mode: Crimean Mountains and Egyptian Sands.

Leprechaun Hunt Moshpit

The Leprechaun Hunt Moshpit returns in Days of Summer, previously featured in the Operation Shamrock & Awe special event. A Leprechaun Zombie will spawn in the map every once in a while, which rewards the player who dealt the final blow against it all scorestreaks the player equipped.

Master Prestige Rewards

Master Prestige rewards are also added to the game with the update. Players who have reached Master Prestige will be rewarded with exclusive camouflages and uniforms after they reached a specific rank.

Days of Summer Collections

Ribeyrolles "Breezy"

Automaton "The Dacha"

US Summer Infantry "Civvies"

New Zealand Summer "Kiwi Sniper"

Operation Overlord Collections

3-Line Rifle "Motherland"

English Summer Cavalry "Bulldog"

Zombies Characters

With Days of Summer, four unlockable characters were added to the Nazi Zombies mode. Players needed to complete Special Orders to earn them.

Community Challenge

A new Community Challenge was opened during the event. It was featured across all platforms and special rewards could be unlocked for all players by getting kills using different Divisions, the ending goal was 800 million kills.

  • Tier 1: "Sandy Treads" Calling Card and 1 Nazi Zombies Consumables Supply Drop. (Get 160 million kills as the Infantry Division)
  • Tier 2: "Dig In" Weapon Charm and 1 Nazi Zombies Consumables Supply Drop. (Get 160 million kills as the Armored Division)
  • Tier 3: "Beachside" Weapon Camo and 1 Nazi Zombies Consumables Supply Drop. (Get 160 million kills as the Mountain Division)
  • Tier 4: "Boating Hat" Special Helmet and 1 Nazi Zombies Consumables Supply Drop. (Get 160 million kills as the Airborne Division)
  • Tier 5: Heroic "Cruiser II" Sawed-Off Shotgun Weapon Variant and "Feuerwerk" Nazi Zombies Weapon Camo. (Get 160 million kills as the Expeditionary Division)

Headquarters Aesthetics

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Days of Summer returned for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 as part of the Operation Spectre Rising. It introduced several features and new content to the different modes and featured an exclusive Contraband stream.


Five weapons were released during the event: the Vendetta sniper rifle as part of the Contraband and the S6 Stingray tactical rifle, the Peacekeeper assault rifle, the Locus sniper rifle and the Ballistic Knife found in the Reserve Cases or Crates.


The map Grind from Call of Duty: Black Ops II was made available for free to all players and the gamemode Capture the Flag returned during the event.


The Core Map of Blackout was updated to match the Summer theme of the event. A new vehicle was introduced, the Attack Helicopter. The Alcatraz map was also updated with two new locations, Submarine and Shipwreck

A new mode was also introduced during Days of Summer, Ground War with two teams of 50 players.

Two characters were also introduced during the event, David Mason and another version of Raul Menendez called "Ladies' Man"


A new Gauntlet was released for Ancient Evil called "Labours of Hercules". Gauntlet leaderboards also became available.

Four new Elixirs were also introduced during Days of Summer: Perkaholic, Near Death Experience, Reign Drops, and Shopping Free.


The Days of Summer Contraband went up to 50 tiers uniquely defined, and ran for 35 days. After Tier 50, the player entered Black Operations and began earning Reserve Cases.

The tiers were as follows:

Tier Name
Tier 1 "Oh Crab!"
Legendary Weapon Charm
Tier 2 "Sol"
Rare Shared Warpaint
Tier 3 "Pop it and Lock it"
Rare Gesture
Tier 4 "Cardboard Knight"
Common Sticker
Tier 5 "Jolly Roger"
Legendary Jump Pack
Tier 6 "Mission Failed"
Rare Calling Card
Tier 7 "Gridlock Hotel"
Common Sticker
Tier 8 "Beachhead"
Rare Calling Card
Tier 9 "Pop Explosion"
Common Sticker
Tier 10 "Tourist Trap"
Legendary Nomad Outfit
Tier 11 "Quad Ride"
Common Sticker
Tier 12 "Meltdown"
Rare Calling Card
Tier 13 "Sand Castle"
Common Sticker
Tier 14 "Boogaloo"
Rare Gesture
Tier 15 "Frogman"
Epic Recon Outift
Tier 16 "Hotel Slums"
Common Sticker
Tier 17 "Cocktail"
Common Sticker
Tier 18 "Spray 'N Pray"
Rare Calling Card
Tier 19 "Hotel Hacienda"
Common Sticker
Tier 20 "Bend it"
Legendary Gesture
Tier 21 "Fresh Catch"
Rare Calling Card
Tier 22 "Tactical Float"
Common Sticker
Tier 23 "Sunset Hotel"
Common Sticker
Tier 24 "Cheers"
Rare Calling Card
Tier 25 Weapon Bribe
Tier Name
Tier 26 "Lionfish"
Common Sticker
Tier 27 "Tell No Tale"
Rare Calling Card
Tier 28 "Galleon"
Common Sticker
Tier 29 "Jelly Fish"
Common Sticker
Tier 30 "Cuttlefish"
Legendary Spectre Outfit
Tier 31 "Anchor"
Common Sticker
Tier 32 "Sahara"
Rare Outrider outfit
Tier 33 "Cuttlefish"
Common Sticker
Tier 34 "Treasure Chest"
Rare Calling Card
Tier 35 "Barracuda"
Legendary Shared Warpaint
Tier 36 "Doubloon"
Common Sticker
Tier 37 "X Marks The Spot"
Rare Calling Card
Tier 38 "Jolly Roger"
Legendary Gesture
Tier 39 "Octopus"
Common Sticker
Tier 40 "Dark Sails"
Epic Zero Outfit
Tier 41 "Jolly Roger"
Common Sticker
Tier 42 "Kraken Attack"
Rare Calling Card
Tier 43 "Lobster"
Common Sticker
Tier 44 "Skull Hideout"
Rare Calling Card
Tier 45 "Great White"
Legendary Ajax Outfit
Tier 46 "One-Eyed"
Common Sticker
Tier 47 "Scuttlebutt Polly"
Legendary Gesture
Tier 48 "Grog!"
Rare Calling Card
Tier 49 "Rainbows"
Legendary Death Effects
Tier 50 "Vendetta"
Ultra Weapon




  • The supply drop crates used for the Days of Summer event were coolers, rather than crates.