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Dead Wire is a Pack-a-Punch upgrade in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It allows the weapon to occasionally fire an electrically charged bullet that will shock zombies in a small area.

The Dead Wire effect will affect up to nine zombies including the one on which the effect was triggered, giving a maximum of nine kills per activation, just one kill below the Wunderwaffe DG-2. It is also capable of killing zombies forever due to its infinite damage. Affected zombies are incapacitated instantly before they die, making Dead Wire more likely to save the player from being cornered than the other upgrades, such as Blast Furnace, which takes several seconds to kill affected zombies. When Dead Wire triggers on a group of zombies larger than nine, it will effect all of them but only killing nine of them with the rest simply being stunned before returning to normal. Electric Cherry effect is ignored when Dead Wire chains to a zombie effected by it.

In addition, this effect appears to activate more frequently than the other Pack-a-Punch upgrades, and will consistently trigger on the first bullet fired after the previous Dead Wire effect has ended.

Because of Dead Wire's positive features, Dead Wire is a very effective Pack-a-Punch upgrade. It is also arguably the best for high rounds, especially if it is used on a wall weapon so that ammunition is in constant supply.

The amount of points you gain per kill with Dead Wire is 50 per shocked zombie, and the effect of Dead Wire occurs more often, making it reliable for taking out small trains of 10 zombies (if one causes a chain reaction).

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