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"When a party at an English mansion turns into an undead bloodbath, a phony psychic, stage-show cowboy, retired general and bedeviled butler must fight for their lives."
— Mission Briefing

Dead of the Night is the fifth Zombies map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and the twenty-ninth map overall. Chronologically, it is the first map in the Chaos story. It was released on December 11th, 2018 first for PlayStation 4, and a week later on December 18th, 2018 for Xbox One and PC. The map is available through the Black Ops Pass.

The map features a cast of new characters portrayed by celebrities as they find themselves fighting the undead in the midst of a scheme orchestrated by The Order in order to kidnap Alistair Rhodes during a party. The map introduces three new enemies, as well as three new wonder weapons; a revolver-like weapon known as Alistair's Folly, a pneumatic crossbow known as the Savage Impaler, and a wooden stake known as the Stake Knife.


Dead of the Night is set in Alistair Rhodes' mansion in England. The map is quite large, beating out IX but is smaller than Voyage of Despair. When players first spawn in, they will be divided by a barrier that can only be opened by acquiring the map's Sentinel Artifact, acting in a similar manner to Verrückt and Voyage of Despair. When a player opens a door on one side of the barrier, the other set of doors will open on the other. When the player reaches the Sentinel Artifact and activates it, more of the map will be opened up.

From the Main Hall, the player can travel north, west, or east. Heading east will bring the player through the bedrooms, dining room, and eventually the gardens and greenhouse laboratory. Heading west will bring the player through the billiards room, library, and eventually the cemetery and mausoleum. Heading north will bring the player to the forest, which can be opened by collecting three tuning forks. There are also small hallways that connect the main hall with the dining room and library, and beneath the grand staircase is the wine cellar. In each of the main areas at the end of each direction are fast travel portals which brings the player back to the main hall. There is also a fast travel portal in the entrance hall that brings the player to the forest once the latter is unlocked.

This map also features different spawnable locations for each of the Perk Altars aside from Danu Altar. While Danu will always spawn in the entrance hall, Ra, Zeus, and Odin will spawn at either the forest terrace, wine cellar, gardens, or mausoleum.


North Atrium Bridge / East/West GalleryEdit

Players will spawn on two ends of the North Atrium Bridge, located on the second floor of the Main Hall. Like Verrückt, the players will be separated by a barrier, which can only be opened upon activating the map's Sentinel Artifact. Two players will be on the East Gallery side, which contains the Strife for 500 points, as well as two red barriers that can only be opened through the Sentinel Artifact. There is also a door costing 750 points that leads to the East Balcony and Music Room. On the West Gallery side is the Essex Model 07, as well as another red barrier. There is also a door costing 750 points in the adjacent Tea Room that brings the players through the West Balcony and Smoking Room.

On each side is a bookshelf, both of which are used to open a secret room on the East Gallery.

East/West Balcony / Music/Smoking RoomEdit

From the East Gallery's 750 point door will bring the players across the East Balcony, which contains the Saug 9mm for 750 points and a potential shield part location. Continuing across the East Balcony will bring the players to the Music Room, which contains a door costing 1000 points that brings the players to the Grand Staircase.

From the West Gallery's 750 point door will bring the players across the West Balcony, which contains the RK 7 Garrison for 700 points and another potential shield part location. Continuing on across the West Balcony will bring players to the Smoking Room, which contains a red barrier leading to the Billiards Room and a door costing 1000 points leading to the Grand Staircase. The crafting bench for the Ballistic Shield can be found here, directly to the left of the entrance leading into the Billiards Room.

Grand Staircase / Main Hall / North AtriumEdit

Players will be reunited on the Grand Staircase, which contains the map's Sentinel Artifact on a broken pillar overlooking the Main Hall below. There is also the MOG 12 for a 1000 points next to the doorway leading into the Smoking Room. Upon activating the Sentinel Artifact, every red barrier in the map will be opened, allowing access to the full North Atrium Bridge, the Bedroom Hallway, and the Billiards Room. The red barriers blocking the two staircases in the East and West Galleries will be opened, allowing players another way down into the Main Hall. A Mystery Box can be found in the middle of the Grand Staircase leading down into the Main Hall.

Coming down the Grand Staircase or the two side staircases will bring players to the Main Hall, which has branching paths leading to the East and West Hallways, the Wine Cellar, and the Forest Terrace, which is located at the North Atrium. All four of these doors cost 1000 points each to open. There is also a Mozu for 1300 points to the right of the entrance leading into the North Terrace. A potential spawn for the candlestick for the Silver Melter can be found on a table near the Mozu.

Entrance HallEdit

Once the Sentinel Artifact is activated, the door behind it will open, revealing the Entrance Hall. Here, the players can find a potential spawn location for the candlestick on a table, the Danu altar, and a fast travel portal that brings the player to the Forest once the latter is opened.

East/West HallwaysEdit

Both the East and West Hallways are connecting paths that connect the Main Hall with the Dining Room and Library. In the East Hallway is a potential spawn for a shield part, and in the West Hallway is a potential spawn location for the silver pot needed to craft the Silver Melter.

Wine CellarEdit

The Wine Cellar is a small area, which contains the crafting table for the Silver Melter, a possible Perk Altar spawn location, as well as the MX9 for 1300 points. The silver plate needed for the Silver Melter will always spawn in this area, as well as the blue crystal used to help open the Forest and later activate the easter egg.

Billiards RoomEdit

The Billiards Room is another small area, containing a spawn location for the candlestick on the ground. The pool table in the center of the room is used to unlock a secret room in the area, which rewards the player a special item. A door costing 1000 points can be found in the back of the room, which brings the players to the second floor of the Library.

Study / LibraryEdit

The Library and Study is a medium sized area, containing various items of interest. Firstly, the green crystal used to help open the Forest and later activate the easter egg can be found either on a table on the second floor Study, or at two other locations on the first floor Library, both of which are close to the area's Mystery Box. The Silver Bullet Dispenser's crafting bench is located in this area, directly right to the staircase connecting the two floors. The gun case holding a free Alistair's Folly is located in the back of the Library. The M1897 Trebuchet can be found for 1400 points. A door costing 1000 points that opened the West Hallway is found in the Library. Both the first and second floors have a potential spawn location for a shield part.

On the second floor Study is the Spitfire, costing 1150 points. To the right of it is a door costing 1250 points that brings the player to the Cemetery Path.

Bedroom Hallway / Master Bedroom / Trophy RoomEdit

Coming from the East Balcony or the Dining Room will bring the players to the Bedroom Hallway, which branches off to the Master Bedroom and the Trophy Room. Each of these three rooms houses the pink crystal used to help open the Forest and later activate the easter egg. The Escargot can be found by the doorway connecting the Master Bedroom and Trophy Room, costing 1000 points. There is also a door leading down to the Dining Room at the end of the Bedroom Hallway, costing 1000 points to open.

Dining RoomEdit

The Dining Room, like the Library and Study, is a medium sized area. The player can find the door leading to the East Hallway or door leading to the Bedroom Hallway, as well as two potential shield spawn locations and two spawn locations for the pot. A Mystery Box location can be found in this area, as well as the Swordfish for 1200 points. There is also a 1250 point door that leads to the Greenhouse Terrace.

Greenhouse TerraceEdit

The Greenhouse Terrace acts as a connecting area for the Dining Room, Greenhouse Laboratory, and Gardens. At the fountain located at the center of the terrace is the Maddox RFB, costing 1400 points, as well as two doors, both costing 1500 points. Opening either or will open the other, allowing access to the Gardens and Greenhouse Laboratory.


The Gardens is a small maze-like area, featuring two main pathways that connect at the end, leading to a side entrance into the Greenhouse Terrace. On one path is the Vapr-XKG, costing 1550 points, and the other containing a guaranteed spawn location for a Perk Altar. A Mystery Box can be found tucked in a corner near the Vapr-XKG.

Greenhouse LaboratoryEdit

The Greenhouse Laboratory is a large area, consisting of large machines, work benches, and plants. At the end of the room is a fast travel portal that brings the player back to the Main Hall. The ICR-7 can be found near the portal, costing 1550 points. The map's only Electric Trap can be found near the main entrance to the room. Both crafting benches for the Chaos Theory and Alistair's Annihilator are found here. There is also a staircase leading up to a large telescope, which plays a role in the easter egg.

Cemetery PathEdit

The Cemetery Path is a small area, featuring the KN-57 for 1450 points, as well as two 1500 point doors that lead up to the Cemetery and Mausoleum areas. Like the Greenhouse Terrace, if one door is opened, the other will automatically be opened.

Cemetery / MausoleumEdit

The Cemetery is a large area, featuring various paths around tombstones. A Mystery Box location can be found under the railing of the Mausoleum area. The Stake Knife crafting bench can be found at the south entrance of the Cemetery. At the end of all of the paths in the Cemetery is a stone staircase that brings the player up to the Mausoleum, which contains a guaranteed Perk Altar spawn location, the Auger DMR for 1550 points, and a fast travel portal back to the Main Hall behind the Mausoleum.


The Crypt is a hidden room found within the Cemetery. The entrance to it is located under a stone coffin to the left of the left side staircase leading up to the Mausoleum, and can only be opened by completing a small easter egg. The room is a small stone chamber, containing several pillars and torches. At the back of the room is a small altar like area with three stained glass windows. On the stone altar is the Savage Impaler, which can be picked up by the player. Upon doing so, the player will be locked in the Crypt until the player kills all of the attacking Nosferatus and Crimson Nosferatus.

Forest TerraceEdit

The Forest Terrace is a small balcony like area, containing the GKS for 1300 points, the Bowie Knife for 3000 points, and a potential Perk Altar spawn on the center of the balcony. There is also the entrance into the Forest, which can be opened upon collecting the three Tuning Forks.


The Forest is a large area, featuring three different paths that converge at the end, where the Pack-a-Punch Machine is located. On both of the side paths are the Titan for 3750 points and the Koshka for 4500 points. There is also a Mystery Box location on the center path, and a fast travel portal back to the North Atrium to the right of the Pack-a-Punch Machine. There is also a stone wall hiding the entrance to the Ruins on the right-side path if coming from the Forest Terrace.

Upon initially opening the Forest, a Werewolf will always spawn.


The Ruins is the final area that is accessible in the map. It can only be opened after collecting the three stones during the easter egg. The room itself is large and square in size, featuring no obstacles in the center of the room. The room serves as the arena during the fight against the Shadow Werewolf.



Starting Weapons
Special Weapons
Off-Wall Weapons
Mystery Box


Intro CutsceneEdit


The scene starts with "March 20, 1912" displayed on the screen.

Alistair Rhodes (voice over): You are cordially invited to the country estate of Alistair Rhodes.

Gideon Jones is shown holding an invitation with the aforementioned greeting. He puts the invitation away as he enters the mansion with other guests.

Alistair: Join us for an unforgettable evening.

Guests are seen celebrating, with Gideon making his way to the ledge, overlooking the Main Hall. Gideon walks past a portrait of Alistair and his daughter, Scarlett Rhodes. He then sees a crowd of people surrounding Brigadier General Jonathan Warwick, who is showing them his Essex Model 07. Warwick walks past a mirror and looks at himself, straightening his posture before moving along. The scene moves to the Wine Cellar below, showing a man with a sack over his head, tied to a chair. Members of The Order are shown taking the Danu Sentinel Artifact out of a bag. The sack is taken off of the man's head, revealing him to be Alistair, with a gag in his mouth. His butler, Godfrey, is shown to be under control of The Order. Godfrey leaves as the scene returns to the party. Christina Fowler, also known as Madame Mirela, is shown predicting another guest's future with tarot cards as Gideon watches. Christina is shown putting the guest's money in her purse, which also contains an Escargot, as she takes it along with her crystal ball. Christina offers to predict Gideon's future, but he declines, and she walks away. Godfrey is shown drawing a ritual circle on the balcony. Warwick approaches him.

Warwick: Ah, what's your name? Oh yes, Godfrey.

Godfrey appears to snap out of The Order's influence.

Warwick: Where the blazes is Alistair?

Christina: Yes, where is the old scoundrel?

Godfrey: I've not seen Master Rhodes. But surely your crystal ball could...

Screaming can be heard below. The guests are attacked by zombies and transformed into them. Prima Materia surrounds the four, but they are unaffected due to being inside the ritual circle.

Gideon: What in Lucifer's ballsack was that?

Zombies attack the four. Christina pulls out her Escargot, Gideon hands Godfrey a Welling and uses one for himself, while Warwick uses his Essex. They shoot at the zombies as the camera pans up to the moon. A wolf howl is heard as the cutscene ends.

Outro CutsceneEdit


The group enters the Smoking Room.

Christina: I've seen some strange things in my time, but this takes the cake.

Gideon puts his Welling on the table.

Gideon: Good thing you're better at shootin' than fortune tellin'.

Gideon grabs a bottle.

Gideon: Now where's the bar? I worked up a powerful thirst.

Warwick looks towards a blue light.

Warwick: Wait! Did you see that?

Gideon and Christina follow Warwick into the Billiards Room. Godfrey looks at a knife on the wall and grabs it. An apparition of the Odin Sentinel Artifact is shown.

Christina: Oh, what now? What the hell does this mean?

Godfrey is shown under control of The Order again.

Godfrey: It means you are not worthy!

Godfrey decapitates Christina.

Godfrey: Witch!

Gideon reaches for his gun, but realizes his holster is empty.

Godfrey: Braggart!

Godfrey slashes Gideon across his chest. He stumbles backwards and knocks over some candles, staring a fire.

Godfrey: Pompous ass!

Godfrey stabs Warwick before he can shoot him.

Warwick: Ahhhhh, bastard!

Warwick collapses on the ground, having died from his wounds. The fire continues to spread.

Godfrey: (to The Order) Ensure the prisoner completes his journey...

Men are shown loading Alistair into a car outside of the mansion. The scene returns to Godfrey, who throws his knife to the ground. As he walks towards the apparition of the Artifact, it disappears. He is then shot through the heart. He turns to his attacker, who turns out to be Scarlett, holding a Welling. He then falls to the ground as Scarlett walks up to him, aiming her gun towards him.

Scarlett: Where is my father? What have you done to Alistair Rhodes?

Godfrey: You are already too late. You cannot stop what is to come...

Godfrey dies.

Scarlett: Where is my father? Godfrey, talk to me! Ah, dammit!

Scarlett leaves as the mansion starts to collapse. She exits the front door and sees a car drive off. She gets in a car and follows them. As she drives away, a view of the flame engulfed mansion is shown. Scarlett is right behind the car carrying her father. A man in the backseat tries to shoot her with an Escargot, but she shoots him in the head, killing him. The man in the passenger seat tries to shoot her as well, but meets the same fate. Suddenly, one of Scarlett's tires blows out, and she crashes into a tree. The driver is shown loading Alistair into an airplane. Scarlett exits the wreckage unscathed and sees her father being flown away.

Scarlett: DAD!

Scarlett pulls out a letter from her father.

Alistair (voice over): "My dearest Scarlett, if I have already fallen prey to The Order, these are the only people I trust to help you stop them."

Photos of Diego Necalli, Bruno Delacroix, and Stanton Shaw are shown. The screen cuts to black.

Scarlett: Okay, dad. Let's see what these friends of yours can do.

The cutscene ends.


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Name Description Points Trophy Level Image
Trial by Ordeal In Dead of the Night, defeat the evil within. 30Gamerscore SilverSilver Trophy PS3 icon Trial by Ordeal Achievement Icon BO4
Alchemical Opus In Dead of the Night, create Prima Materia 3 times. 15Gamerscore BronzeBronze Trophy PS3 icon Alchemical Opus Achievement Icon BO4
Mega Bite In Dead of the Night, get bitten by a Crimson Nosferatu. 15Gamerscore BronzeBronze Trophy PS3 icon Mega Bite Achievement Icon BO4
Board Gamer In Dead of the Night, kill a Werewolf in the Library with a revolver. 15Gamerscore BronzeBronze Trophy PS3 icon Board Gamer Achievement Icon BO4
On the Clock In Dead of the Night, stay within the clock circle until the time runs out. 15Gamerscore BronzeBronze Trophy PS3 icon On the Clock Achievement Icon BO4
Master Your Craft In Dead of the Night, use every crafting table. 15Gamerscore BronzeBronze Trophy PS3 icon Master Your Craft Achievement Icon BO4
Quick Thinking In Dead of the Night, unlock the Forest by round 7. 15Gamerscore BronzeBronze Trophy PS3 icon Quick Thinking Achievement Icon BO4
Shockingly Good Time In Dead of the Night, electrocute a Werewolf. 15Gamerscore BronzeBronze Trophy PS3 icon Shockingly Good Time Achievement Icon BO4
Shrinking Feeling In Dead of the Night, shrink 15 zombies with a single shot from Alistair's Annihilator. 15Gamerscore BronzeBronze Trophy PS3 icon Shrinking Feeling Achievement Icon BO4
Well Done In Dead of the Night, stake a Nosferatu in the Dining Room. 15Gamerscore BronzeBronze Trophy PS3 icon Well Done Achievement Icon BO4




  • A newspaper on Voyage of Despair recounts the events of Dead of the Night. However the newspaper is dated March 10th, 1912 while the map is set on March 20th, 1912.
  • While not visible on the map, there are stables at Rhodes Manor as stated by Godfrey.
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