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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts

Death Mariachi is a Field Order reward in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It appears on the Invasion DLC map Departed. When activated, the player becomes armed with Akimbo .44 Magnums and also receive speed perks. They will also look like a mariachi skeleton, and intense Mariachi music will play in the background until they are killed. Enemies are highlighted in a red border on the HUD. The enemies killed will have their bodies become temporary squadmates, armed with the same weapons. However, only two can be present at once. The player also has Juggernaut health, like the Michael Myers and Predator field orders. However, the temporary squadmates do not. They are also unable to use any killstreaks. If the player in control tries to use killstreaks, a message will appear, stating "The undead do not use killstreaks". The Oracle effect can be bypassed via Blind Eye as this perk bypasses Oracle systems.

Once the player has made two temporary squadmates, they will temporary lose their ability to see enemies in a red border until one of the squadmates dies.

The temporary squadmates are easy to kill, as they lack Juggernaut health. However, these teammates can be brought back upon killing another enemy.

If one does not like using the .44 Magnum's, using the melee attack can prove effective, as this Field Order runs at a great speed, allowing him to resort to a stab if one needed to reload, or if they're in the middle of cycling the cylinder in a heated gunfight.

When using this Field Order, the player gains the Scavenger, Sleight of Hand, Marathon, and On the Go perks and a buffed version of Agility.



  • Enemies killed will have a bright blue light emit from them.
  • Deaths from a teammate's perspective will have their killfeed icon shown by the K.E.M. Strike icon. However, the Death Mariachi will have a killfeed icon that's used for the Create-A-Soldier icon for the Oracle killstreak.
  • Teammates will die when the Death Mariachi is killed.
  • The Death Mariachi cannot use any other pointstreaks.
  • When a temporary squadmate is spawned, they will briefly hold a Riot Shield, this can be seen in the final killcam if the player does the final kill without both squadmates.
  • It is possible for the temporary squadmates to grab a Ballistic Vest if there is one dropped.