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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies
"I speak for An'heist, first of the Deathraven Order. Ender of paths. Son of Twilight. To him is due more rage, fire, and vengeance than any other - Thule has stolen what is rightfully his."
Klaus Fischer

Deathraven is an ancient order of warriors that later was became the eponymous name a variation of Geistkraft energy after research done in Mittelburg done by the Ahnenerbe.


The Deathraven Order is an ancient order centred around swift and merciless death. An'heist, being the first member of the Order wielded a scythe crafted in the city of Thule which became known as the Fang of An'heist.

Emperor Frederick Barbarossa had his four highest Royal Guards be members of the four Raven Orders, with their notable weapons being attributed to the order as well. The member of the Deathraven order that was a Royal Guard wielded the scythe known as "Reaper" as it could cut through swarms of enemies like it was wielded by Death themselves.[1]

Klaus Fischer utilising stolen research and technology from Peter Straub created modified Überschanlle that require different resonance frequencies charge, with the Deathraven requiring Bombers to charge it. The Deathraven charged Überschanlle then is used to create parts for the Tesla Gun that change how the gun functions. Klaus hid the Überschanlle and research away prior to his capturing by Doctor Straub.

After his death Klaus became the new Rook which allowed him to make Raven squad into members of the Raven Lords.


The available research from the Deathraven tree mainly provides more lethality, primarily boosting the effects that Special Abilities have or by providing buffs to parts of a kit.

Raven Research Mods

Research Name Mod Type Icon Affect
Marksmanship Freefire Marksmanship Raven Mod WWII.png Headshots deal significantly increased damage while using Freefire.
Fiery Burst Shellshock Fiery Burst Raven Mod WWII.png Enemies hit by Shellshock are set on fire.
Saboteur Camouflage Saboteur Raven Mod WWII.png Lethal equipment does significantly more damage while using Camouflage.
MK. II Freefire MK II Raven Mod WWII.png The player's weapon is upgraded while using Freefire.
Finishing Blow Universal Finishing Blow Raven Mod WWII.png Deal extra melee damage against enemies with less than half health.
Serrated Edge Camouflage Serrated Edge Raven Mod WWII.png Melee attacks deal extra damage over time while using Camouflage
Exploit Weakness Shellshock Exploit Weakness Raven Mod WWII.png Enemies stunned by Shellshock take triple damage.
Vicious Frontline Vicious Raven Mod WWII.png Enemies take triple damage instead of double damage while using Frontline.
Fragmentation Skull Freefire Fragmentation Skull Raven Mod WWII.png Headshot kills cause explosive damage to nearby enemies during Freefire.
Hand-to-Hand Frontline Hand-To-Hand Raven Mod WWII.png Increased melee damage while using Frontline.(Including heavy melee attack.)


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