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Defend the Factory is a mission of Call of Duty: Finest Hour. Tanya, along with her spotter, Aleksandr, and other Russian soldiers, defend a tractor factory against German forces while waiting for Nikolai's tank crew to arrive.



MakarovNuke.png All it takes is the will of a single man.
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When the level starts, begin moving through the trench. Soon enough, mortar shells will start hitting the ground above you, so crouch and keep moving! When you get to the factory, go up the steps and head up to the walkway. Find a window that gives you a good view of the area and also provides good cover. Snipe the Germans one-by-one, paying special attention to the soldiers carrying Panzerschrecks or MG42s. Keep sniping until Pvt. Sokolov tells you to cover the right side of the area, and move to a new window. Keep sniping until you need to move again, rinse and repeat. After a while, a tank will show up; get away from the windows, and get to the ground floor. The commissar will open the large doors, allowing you to eliminate the Germans attacking the tank crew. Once the tank crew enters the factory, heal the soldier with a med kit, and get on the tank to end the level.

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  • It is impossible to stop the machine gunner from shooting the tank crew member at the end of the level; the machine gun fires from inside a building and has no gunner.
  • Even after the tank crew arrives and Nikolai orders everyone to get on the tank, the commissar will remain in the factory.
  • The machine gun crews consist of two soldiers: one carrying a tripod, and the other carrying the actual gun, but the soldier that is supposed to be carrying the tripod is actually empty-handed, but is still running as if he is carrying something on his shoulder.
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