Bob Starkey sets up charges on a generator in a fortress.

Starkey: Once this last charge goes off, Fritz will be completely out of power.

He places wires on the ground and moves to a safe distance.

Starkey: Alright, get ready to break and ready to dash!

He detonates the charges, destroying the generator.

Starkey: Let's go! Everybody's awake by now! Let's move out!

The group move up into a building. They find mines.

Starkey: Hello, somebody's left some perfectly good land mines lying around.

Edward Carlyle takes some teller mines.

Starkey: We'll have to fight our way to the petrol depot. Follow me and watch for more Panzers.

They cross the street into another building. A Panzer rolls up a road.

Starkey: Panzer!

Carlyle uses his sticky bombs and teller mines to destroy three Panzers in the area.

Starkey: We're short on time. We have to get to that depot!

The group moves up through the area and secures the entrance to the fuel depot.

Starkey: Now, set charges on those petrol drums.

Carlyle places charges on the first set of drums and detonates them, causing the initial area to be set ablaze.

Starkey: Watch out, 'cause this place is gonna burn!

Carlyle places charges on and detonates the other four sets of petrol drums. They return to the depot entrance to board the jeep.

Starkey: Just in time. Get in!

Carlyle mans the gun in the back of the jeep.

Starkey: Looks like we're in the clear. Bang on, Carlyle.