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The DerRiese Server is a computer server found in the terminal in Call of Duty: Black Ops.


The DerRiese Server, is mentioned in files that Dr. Vannevar Bush and others have found in the Verrückt archives.


When connected to any other known data server, the DERRIESE system can be accessed by typing rlogin derriese within the in-game computer console and then entering a valid username and password.


A list of usernames has been found in the game files:

  • drmaxis
  • sophia
  • samantha
  • peter
  • edward
  • erichtofen
  • nbelinski
  • tdempsey
  • tmasaki

They have no corresponding passwords, so attempting to log in will always result in an "Invalid Password" error.


  • Within a file on the home directory, encoded with a standard CIA cypher, a man called Peter, also mentioned as the CIA infiltrator in Group 935 that had to be extracted by U.S.M.C. Recon member Tank Dempsey.
  • There are several files found in Dr. Vannevar Bush's home directory, name-patterned as Servant####.TXT. These are data files stored by Dr. Maxis, that Dr. Vannevar Bush and Dr. R. Oppenheimer retrieved from the Verrückt archives.
  • There are 2 accounts named "edward" and "erichtofen", despite being the same person.
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