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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Des: "Uhhh, ohhh, yes sir, no sir, uh - see? That's what a real soldier looks like mate. What a way to stand up to him, Bluey. Well done!"
Bluey: "Hey, fuck off, Des!"
— Des mocking "Bluey" Smith

Private Desmond "Des" Wilmot is a character featured in Call of Duty: Vanguard.



Private Wilmot was a part of an Australian contingent deployed in Tobruk. Himself, Lucas Riggs and other Australian soldiers were often downed upon and called "Rats" by their superiors. Wilmot was assigned to a demolition team that consisted of Lieutenant Robert Jacobs, Private Lucas Riggs, and "Bluey" Smith. The team was part of a regiment under the command of Major Henry Hamms, an ambitious British officer who was often disrespectful to the Australian soldiers and often took the credit for their accomplishments.

During this time, the team is assigned to ambush an incoming Nazi convoy due to the lack of munitions the Australians and British had. They had prepared explosives and Riggs was going to set it off, until Hamms decided he should do it. This in cause makes him mess up and blame it on Wilmot and the others. The were able to eliminate the German forces and take the munitions. Hamms orders the Demolition team to go find where the others went so they oblige. This allows them to discover an outpost located deep in the desert. Wilmot, Riggs and Jacobs successfully destroy the German occupied outpost. When they return, they are imprisoned for insubordination on Jacobs.

El Alamein and Death

Months later, in El Alamein, they were ambushed while advancing into a field. There were many casualties while regrouping. Hamms commanded the group to hold position while waiting for air support, while both Wilmot and Riggs disregarded their superior's command, and went to destroy the flak emplacements in the hill. They eliminated the forces on the hill and told Jacobs to set off a flare, this in cause began to reroute the German troops to their position. Des and Lucas killed many Germans but Des didn't survive.

Lucas mourns the loss of his friend, then notices that Hamms was removing the Australian flag to replace it with a British. Lucas in anger of Hamms control, punches him, knocking him out. Lucas then allows himself to be arrested.