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"He’s a dazzling spy and a master of seduction. But pray you don’t end up in his sights. Diego Necalli is a ruthless cutthroat. And no clue escapes his keen sense of observation."
— Official Biography

Diego Necalli is a character appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Diego Necalli played an important role in the Mexican Revolution, as a side of the rebel. He is allegedly involved in several executions of government officials. He also acted as an international spy, operating foreign places like India and Denmark. At some point in 1911, he met Alistair Rhodes and became friends with him. At the same time, both of them were hunted down by the Chaos Order. Having somehow managed to escape, Diego gave Alistair a gift, a medallion originally belonging to his mother. The medallion, in turn, was given by Alistair to his daughter, Scarlett. Additionally, he also writes a series of his adventures, which is allegedly exaggerated and overly dramatized. After Alistair goes missing, Scarlett calls upon Diego to help her journey along with Stanton Shaw and Bruno Delacroix.

Diego is very quick to brag about his many adventures. He holds himself in very high regard and isn't afraid to let others know, boasting that hiding a face like his "would be a crime.". Diego seems to be attracted to Scarlett and often compliments her looks, but she quickly rebuffs his compliments and considers him an idiot. Diego considers Shaw to be extremely amusing; he often misunderstands Shaw's quotes as being completely literal, making him laugh. Despite this, he does show respect to Shaw, although he doubts his ability to fight. Diego has some amount of respect for Bruno, often offering to "team up" and form an alliance between the two in order to ensure their survival. Bruno however never returns the respect and often insults Diego, calling him "Mon petit mexicain.".

Blackout[edit | edit source]

Diego can be unlocked as a playable character in Blackout. To unlock him, the player must acquire the Pulp Magazine, which can sometimes be dropped by zombies when killed or it can be obtained through supply drops and supply stashes. The player must then kill an enemy player with a headshot, and finish the game with the Pulp Magazine in the player's inventory. Upon finishing the match and returning to the lobby, the player will unlock Diego.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Ah Bruno, my French friend... the lady will be so lost in my eyes and enthralled in my tales, she will not even notice when I make my move."
— Diego
"'Know thy self'... I really hope you know what you're doing, Scarlett."
— Diego reading the Ancient Greek outside the Temple of Apollo in Ancient Evil

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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