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Major Dimitri Ivanovich Belikov (Russian: Дмитрий Иванович Беликов) is an agent working for the CIA and as the Security Officer for the KGB, as a mole to them. He is a playable character featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Dimitri was a young army soldier and special operative who rose through the ranks of the Soviet military forces until he joined the KGB as a intelligence officer after having served on a number of covert operations before he first started working for CIA back in late 1967 when he came in contact with Jason Hudson in a meet up with the agents that would change his political views and national allegiance while serving as a military expert during Vietnam War in helping train NVA Air force pilots in how to fly the Soviet-made helicopters.

Yamantau[edit | edit source]

"If they win this season, it's almost worth facing the firing squad."
— Belikov to Woods

Belikov brought Alex Mason and Frank Woods on board a Mi-24 Hind helicopter to a Russian facility that Hudson took out years prior. Before allowing Woods and Mason to set off on their mission, Belikov commented about what the KGB does to double agents to which Woods gives him an American sports team's baseball cap that he wanted. Belikov would later arrive in the same helicopter to help Mason and Woods extract the mainframe containing the profiles of Nikita Dragovich's sleeper agents.

KGB Mole Investigation[edit | edit source]

"I'm sorry, I thought this was the Singapore Embassy."
— Adler to Belikov

Belikov is called by Russel Adler in his office to ask for access into the Lubyanka Building and the bunker under the building which contains archived information including the profiles of Dragovich's agents. Belikov is then summoned to a conference room where a meeting is being held about the mole investigation. Belikov is later ousted as the mole and held at gunpoint within the bunker as a way of getting Adler and "Bell" to surrender. "Bell" proceeds to save Belikov and the trio make it back towards the elevator. While in heavy combat gear, he and the others fight their way out of the building and towards Lazar for extraction.

The Final Countdown[edit | edit source]

"Belikov really came through on this Soviet armor!"
— Woods

Belikov obtained several Soviet military vehicles for Adler's team.

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