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Division 9 (Japanese: 師団9) is a Japanese scientific research group who allied with the German research organization Group 935 in the discovery and research of Element 115. Their headquarters is based out in the Rising Sun facility, but they also have other research stations, notably one on a remote Pacific island.

In the original timeline, Division 9 was the original creator of the Ray Gun design blueprint, which was later retrieved by Group 935 leader Ludvig Maxis, leading to its full creation. However, their Rising Sun facility in Japan had become infested by the undead after the discovery of Element 115 on the site, eventually becoming overrun. In 1946, research and materials produced by Division 9 were acquired by the US Government and stored at Area 51 in Groom Lake. Amongst some of these materials was a mysterious elemental shard, which disappeared sometime during the transfer process of the materials.

In the Proditione Fracture, an alternate timeline broken off of the original timeline, Division 9 had been conducting research on an unknown specimen of a creature in collaboration with Group 935, which they intend to deploy upon the battlefield at the Eastern Front by Winter 1945. At some point, Ultimis Takeo Masaki was sent by the Emperor to investigate the Division's activities, but he unknowingly became one of their many prisoners of war. It is later revealed that the Ultimis Takeo was the massive specimen Division 9 mentioned, with Primis eventually reversing the effects of the mutation, saving Ultimis Takeo. Ultimis Takeo then proceeds to commit seppuku as Richtofen preserves his soul with the Summoning Key.

Several of their dragon blueprints can be found in the basement of the Hatchery in Gorod Krovi, as well as their dragons flying high above Stalingrad.


Known MembersEdit

  • Takeo Masaki - Former undercover member sent to the Division 9 island based facility by the Emperor of Japan before being captured as per the Emperor's request. He was soon transferred from Division 9's island base to Group 935's Siberia base, where he would become one of Doctor Edward Richtofen's test subjects. In the Proditione Fracture, he remained on the Division 9 island, where he would be involved with Division's 9 plant experiments with Element 115, becoming mutated in the process. Upon being freed from his mutation, he commits seppuku while his Primis self acts as his kaishakunin.
  • Peter McCain (K.I.A.) - An undercover Group 935 member sent in to investigate the Rising Sun facility.



  • Division 9 seems to be loosely based off the Japanese biological weapons research group Unit 731.
  • In Revelations, there are scientist zombies that have the Division 9 logo on their uniforms.
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