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For the Call of Duty: World at War map, see Dome (World at War).
For the Call of Duty: Ghosts remake of this map, see Unearthed.
"Small outpost in the desert. Fast and frantic action."
— In-game description

Dome is a Multiplayer, Survival Mode, and Chaos Mode map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It also appears as a multiplayer map in Call of Duty Online.

The small map of Dome takes place in an abandoned NATO military outpost, in an unknown location in the Middle East. It is stated as a "Derelict Cold War era desert radar command bunker"


Dome is a small map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that has many close quarters combat situations. The two main spawn points are near the dome itself, and near the entrance gate on the other side of the map. The dome covers only a little portion of the map, and serves no significant purpose besides possible defensive set-ups and a spot for players to snipe from. There is a track around the second story of the dome that overlooks most of the map. Nearby the dome is a bunker with two entrances, and there is a bombed-out portion in the middle of the bunker. Across the bunker is a building that has a main room and a back hallway. There are multiple vehicles on the map that can be used for limited cover, one of which is an M1A2 Abrams tank.

Survival ModeEdit

In Survival Mode, Dome is a Tier 2 map and has the difficulty of Regular. The player starts with the USP .45, two Frag Grenades, two Flash Grenades, a Self Revive and 250 Armor in the bunker on the south side of the map. The hostiles include Bomb Squads, Chemical Warfare, Choppers, Attack Dogs and Riot Shield Juggernauts.

The Weapon Armory is located in the room below the dome, the Equipment Armory is located in the bunker where the player spawns, and the Air Support armory is located in the west side of the large building near the vehicles.

There are very few spots that are easy to defend, with the exception of the bunker and the dome with the ladders leading to the balcony, which is vulnerable against air support but provides a good point for snipers to pick off hostiles before they reach a player's main point. Also, if the player goes prone at the top of the ladder, they can shoot and knife enemies when they reach the top. 

Chaos ModeEdit

"Survival of the fittest! Enemies are coming from everywhere."
— In-game description

Dome is one of the four maps available in Chaos Mode.





Beware of bad dogs Dome MW3

"Beware of bad dogs"

  • There is a teddy bear in the building underneath one of the desks.
  • It was featured at the end of the Legend of Karl trailer and the Jimmy Fallon Special Ops gameplay for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
  • There is a message written on the dome saying "Beware of bad dogs".
  • Next to the main entrance of the building, the word "FROG" can be seen on a wall, along with a picture that resembles a frog.
  • Below one of the dome's windows is a mattress leaning against the wall outside. Jumping on this mattress and moving towards the window will kill the player. A patch added this 'death barrier' to prevent players from getting out of the map.
  • Three maps with a nearly identical layout to Dome appear in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. These three maps are Strikezone, Unearthed and Genesis. Unearthed was introduced in the Devastation DLC Pack for Ghosts, and is a direct remake of Dome.
  • The main structure of dome resemble the buildings of project ECHELON
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