For the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 map, see Dome (Modern Warfare 3).

Dome is a small multiplayer map in Call of Duty: World at War.


The map itself is situated atop the Reichstag. As the name suggests, the building that provides the setting for this map is large and domed. The map has several narrow passageways that are perfect for Bouncing Betties. One of the outdoor spots has two different sections - a second floor section and a ground floor section. The lower section is usually the best to use because most enemies will be watching the second floor. The downside to the lower section is that it allows the player to be surprised by enemies that take a flanking route from the side path (the outdoor area farthest away from the dome). The second floor section has two flanking routes (the ladder and a path that leads indoors), though these can be defended with Bouncing Betties. Try to avoid using Sniper scopes here.



Trivia Edit

  • If the player is in Spectator mode and goes into the pit, one can hear the Russians cry "hurray" in Russian- "Ura! Ura! Ura!" over and over again.
  • There is a barrier around the pit on the Wii version, making it impossible to jump off of the map.
  • If the player goes into spectator mode and goes off the side of the Reichstag, and onto the foggy surface below, one will see a structure that somewhat resembles the monument in Downfall. There are also destroyed trucks, Panzer and Tiger tanks scattered around the surface.
  • There is a propaganda poster written in English inside the room on the left when facing the outer balcony.
  • Throughout this level one can hear German radio chatter when the action quiets down.
  • When in spectator mode, if going down to where one can hear the Russians, go into the small hallway where the fire on the staircase is. On the wall to the left is a thumbs down, pointing to a pile of sticks. Under close inspection these sticks appear to form a K.
  • Dome appears to be floating in air. If the player looks at the fog, the stairs end abruptly.
  • If going into spectator mode and into the pit, the floor is solid, despite being outside the map.
  • The script for canceled level, "mp_bd_test", can be found in Mod Tools. It is similar to Dome's script file, except for ambient, art and effects files: the paths of those files are commented.
  • Artillery can pierce through the dome.
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