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For the map in Call of Duty: Ghosts, see Ruins.

"Get back to boot camp."
— Walsh's default comment in the Winner's Circle in Black Ops III.

Donnie "Ruin" Walsh is a character and playable Specialist featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Call of Duty: Mobile.


"Born into a military family and raised in a tough neighborhood, Donnie Walsh grew up fearless and headstrong.

Joining the army straight out of high school, Walsh is an infantry soldier through and through; the battlefield has become his second home.

He is suspicious of covert ops and anything that operates outside of the established chain of command, viewing them as dishonorable. He prefers a straight-up fair fight, and knows that there's never a substitute for good boots on the ground.

Now cybernetically augmented, he uses his unique abilities to rush headlong into the fray, meeting his enemies with sheer unadulterated and overwhelming force!
— Ruin's biography

Next to nothing is revealed about Ruins' past from his transmissions, however he's shown to be very headstrong and confident. Ruin also has a very good relationship with another specialist, Battery, who appears in some of his transmissions.

Ruin has a high amount of respect for those who fight with courage. He dislikes Spectre, often threatening them if they compromise the team. Ruin also seems to dislike Nomad but to a lesser extent.


In Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Ruin possess substantial augmentations, having both cybernetic arms and legs, the latter of which apparently possess high-power graphene super-capacitors. He also seems to have augmentations in his torso.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Ruin possess cybernetics arms, however they're covered up by his armor in the release build.


Ruin would've played a role in the scrapped Career mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 as a character and selectable Companion for the World United Nations.

Special Issue

"Lead the charge with the superior agility and mobility provided by your Grapple Gun. Destroy your enemies head on with the devastation power of the Grav Slam."
Black Ops 4 Description

In Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Ruin is unlocked by default. Ruin's Specialist Ability, Overdrive, allows him to be first to the fight by outrunning his enemies. His Specialist Weapon, the Gravity Spikes, is an offensive instant-use ability that creates a powerful shock wave.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Ruin is unlocked by default. Ruin's Specialist Equipment, the Grapple Gun, replaces Overdrive from Black Ops III and allows him to gain a mobile advantage over his enemies. His Specialist Weapon, the Grav Slam, acts similar to the Gravity Spikes by creating a lethal shock wave upon activation.

In Call of Duty: Mobile, Ruin's Gravity Spikes from Black Ops III return as an Operator Skill.

Black Ops III Transmissions

+++ Decrypt Success
Analytics: D.E.A.D, AP, Battery, Ruin
Tags: NULL
Header Ends +++
Ruin: "You think that's impressive? There was this one time when me and Baker..."
Battery: "Not this again, come on Walsh."
Ruin: "What, you want to tell it?"
Battery: "Nah, the way you do, it gets better every time."
Ruin: "Right? Anyway, so there was this one time..."
Battery: "He's full of it though, keep that in mind."
Ruin: "It was bad, no idea who authorized the attack, but it was an utter Charlie Foxtrot. Intel had told us the area was clear and our target was two klicks ahead, so we moved out. Encountered a couple of patrols on the way, no biggie, we had that covered, then we got a call over the comms..."
Battery: "D.E.A.D. systems were down."
Ruin: "Right, We looked at each other and realised we had 30 seconds before incoming AP turned us into mist, so we hustled quick..."
Battery: "Bah-ah-ah-ah-ah, Anti-Personnel was the least of our problems, enemies were raining major reinforcements behind us."

+++ Decrypt Success
Analytics: SIGINT, CDP, EKIA, Battery, Spectre
Tags: Slaughterhouse
Header Ends +++
Ruin: "We were cut off from our own side at this point. Only way we could go is forward."
Battery: "Enemy had found our kills, and SIGINT told us there were some SERIOUS heat coming our way. We knew there was a hardened CDP emplacement about a klick away so we booked it, figuring it was a defensible place to hold up in, even if we had to take it first."
Ruin: "We approached the bunker, no sign of resistance. Stacked up on the door and breached, checked our corners, first room, clear. And in a corner, body on the ground, split gut to gullet. Room looked like a slaughterhouse!"
Battery: "Next room, same story. TWO EKIA, walls and ceiling painted with their blood. Didn't look like they got off a shot."
Ruin: "We approached the door to "ops", listened, nothing. Gave Baker the signal to kick it in and we burst into the room."
Battery: "Five bodies, four filets, one very much alive. "Spectre", this covert ops creep, wasn't happy to see us either."
Ruin: "Didn't need to be able to see an expression to know we could get taken out in a heartbeat."

+++Decrypt Success
Analytics: Spectre, GI Unit, IED
Tags: Mission
Header Ends +++
Ruin: ""Spectre" creeps me out. Just sitting there surrounded by corpses, checking intel, and cleanin' those blades. Asked what were doing here. Calm as anything."
Battery: "Calm lasted about three seconds when we said we had company coming in behind us."
Ruin: "Said if we'd blown the mission we'd be kissin' our internal organs goodbye. Yeah, exact turn of phrase."
Battery: "I think you got called "sugar" at one point."
Ruin: "Yeah? Anyway, internal screens are showing that we're surrounded. Thirty men at least with GI Unit support."
Battery: "We moved fast, with frags and trip wires in the first room and corridor, and set up for a siege."
Ruin: "We just finished diggin' in, when WHAM!!! First trip wire goes. Couple seconds later we hear a couple GIs go terminal to the second IED."
Battery: "Which is when I started to pulling the trigger on my War Machine, and didn't let up until it ran dry."

+++Decrypt Success
Analytics: CDP, Spectre, Nomad, Outrider, Ruin
Tags: NULL
Header Ends +++
Ruin: "Things were lookin' pretty bad. CDP had reinforced. We were runnin' low on ammo."
Battery: "And "Spectre" was still considering cutting our throats."
Ruin: "When I noticed some movement on the screen showing an external cam feed..."
Battery: "Couple of seconds later, we start hearing explosions outside. CDP start running around, trying to...defend themselves against attack from behind."
Ruin: "Couple of 'em went down to nano swarms. Nasty! Cavalry couldn't have arrived at a better moment. Doubt we would've lasted a couple of minutes."
Battery: "Castillo and Rojas. Could've kissed them."
Ruin: "Last couple of CDP to try to take refuge in the bunker with us fell to "Spectre". Who bugged out before Nomad and Outrider made it to us. Four of us RTB PDQ."
Battery: (laughing) "Alright Walsh, it's your round. Get buyin'."

+++Decrypt Success
Analytics: NULL
Tags: NULL
Header Ends +++
??: (clearing throat) "Based on the requirements layed out at the start of this procurement process, I'm certain that the intelligence gathered in the dossiers in front of you will lead you to conclude that the eight referenced individuals will be the best subjects for your program. Further, I believe that the plant you specified be placed amongst them will independently verify my findings. As instructed, the intelligence was gathered covertly, using a number of measures-"
?? 2: "Are you certain they were unaware of your surveillance?"
??: "Yes, sir, I state my reputation."
?? 2: "There's more at stake here than your reputation."
??: "Sir, yes sir."

?? 2: "Very well. Leave us. We were never here. We have never spoken."


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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

  • In Black Ops 3, Ruin's date of birth was June 5th, 2045 and his blood type was A+.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

  • During Operation Dark Divide, Ruin was given the superhero alias "Shock and Awe", and was aligned with the heroes in their struggle against the supervillains.
  • Ruin originally featured cybernetic augmentations on his arms in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, however they were later removed in the full release build. They can still be seen in Specialist HQ cinematics, pre-alpha footage and on his official McFarlane and Figma figures.