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Upon Selection[]

  • "Another beautiful day in the shit, gentlemen."
  • "Enough talk. Let's get down range."
  • "Oorah!"
  • "OPORD received. Let's move."

Match Start[]

"Mechanized infantry; tip of the spear."
— Starting line.
"Attack, attack, attack!"
— Starting line.
"Locate the enemy, close and destroy."
— Starting line.
"Bringin' the big guns? Nice."
— In response to Battery's "Bringing the Smoke" line.
"Yeah we do."
— In response to Seraph's "We Got This" line.
"You're gunna let them live that long?"
— In response to Seraph's "I will teach them to fear the 54I!" line.
"That's no way to fight."
— In response to Nomad's "Headed for Cover" line.
"If your lone wolf BS gets any of us Blue Falconed, you're gonna answer to me."
— In response to Spectre's "Stay Out of my Way" line.
"Didn't see you in the briefing, buddy. Who's authority you runnin' under?"
— In response to Spectre's "Client's AO" line
"Tch... I hate that specialist activity shit."
— In response to Spectre's "Engineer on Site" line.

Match End[]

"We kicked some serious ass, guys."
— After winning a match.
"Haha, Wrecked 'em!"
— After winning a match
"Raw Aggression, gets a win every time."
— After winning a match.
"Well, that sucked. You fobbits better step the fuck up."
— After losing a match.

In Combat[]

"Superior my ass."
— Randomly upon killing Prophet.
"Holy crap, nice kills."
— In response to any other specialist's rapid kills with their specialist weapon.
"You have a nice fuckin' day now."
— Randomly after earning a rapid kill with the Gravity Spikes.
""Nuked them!""
— Randomly after earning a rapid kill with the Gravity Spikes
"Superior fuckin' force."
— Randomly after earning a kill with the Gravity Spikes
"Get away, GET AWAY!"
— When stuck by a Semtex Grenade
"Shit, BACK OFF!"
— When stuck by a Semtex Grenade
— When stuck by a Semtex Grenade


"Get back to boot camp!"
— Ruin's "Not Ready" taunt.
"Only way this ends is with you in a body bag."
— Ruin's "Body Bag" taunt.
"You ready to quit?"
— Ruin's "Give Up?" taunt.
"You’ll always need good boots on the ground."
— Ruin's "Boots" taunt.
"You grunts are alright by me."
— Ruin's "Respect" taunt.
"I... will... bury you."
— Ruin's "Bad Intentions" taunt.
"That's right, I'm your worst nightmare in the TLO"
— Ruin's "I am Ruin" taunt.
"Float like a butterfly, punch like a freakin' jackhammer"
— Ruin's "Blur" taunt.