File:Aw only wall gun challenge double feature mode

Double Feature is an Exo Zombies game mechanic that was introduced in the Reckoning DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. To unlock Double Feature, the player must complete the easter egg for this map.

Double Feature is essentially a Hardcore mode for Exo Zombies. After unlocking it in Descent, players can play it by finding a keypad located in spawn which will activate the mode. The keypad, however, requires all players in a session to interact with, in order to activate Double Feature.

In this mode, a black and white filter is applied and players are given no heads-up display (other than the point counter), no teammate name indicator, and  once a player goes down, they will die immediately instead of bleeding out. Thus, Exo Medic is disabled on solo play. Zombies also have more health than normal, and they only reward points upon being killed. So weapons like the Blunderbuss should be favored in this situation. In addition, the story easter egg is also disabled and the Upgrade Station's price is reduced to 1500.

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