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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

"Luxurious ski resort in the French Alps. Great varied engagements and verticality up and down each lane."
— Map Description

Downhill is a multiplayer map included in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II downloadable content pack Revolution. It is located at a luxury skiing resort in the Rhône-Alpes in France. This map has been made with emphasis on multiple vantage points and long lines of sight to give snipers an important role in battle.

Gondolas travel from one end of the map to another; they are there to provide excellent cover, but can also ram and kill any players in their way.




  • The large building has the name "Télécabine de Montbeau" on the front side.
  • Inside the large building containing the gondolas, the control room computers contain images of the Orbital VSAT.
  • The loading screen music is "The Invasion of Panama", the same theme heard in "Time and Fate", except lacking the acoustic guitar.
  • Oddly, the submachine gun model for SEAL Team Six has spandex material covering the arms in third-person, but has bare arms, like in warmer maps, in the first-person model. This is likely an error that was overlooked.
  • When the player is in the lodge at the end of the map, one can see a bookshelf with many made up and silly book titles such as "The history of pixelation", "Living inside a gunbarrel", and "How to get the look".
  • If one throws equipment (C4, Shock Charges etc.) on the gondola, and the gondola exits the map, it will return.
  • The SEAL Team Six submachine gun model on this map wears a balcalva, instead of bare face with sunglasses such as in other maps.
  • They are spelling mistakes on the some French signs:
    • "Personnes autorisèes seulement" should be written as "Personnes autorisées seulement".
    • "Gondole fermé" should be "Gondole fermée".
    • "Gondole ouvertes" should be either "Gondole ouverte" or "Gondoles ouvertes".
    • "Piste debutant" should be "Piste débutant".
    • "Gondola" should be "Gondole".
    • "Cafe du Montbeau" should be "Café du Montbeau".
    • "Panne de rèseau" should be "Panne de réseau".
    • "Entrèe interdite" should be "Entrée interdite".
    • "Entrer" should be "Entrée".
  • The hat on the snowman can be moved.