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Dragons are both an enemy and feature introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies mode, while also making an appearance in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In Der Eisendrache, the dragons act very similarly to Cerberus from Mob of the Dead, as it eats zombies. The player needs to feed all three dragons to obtain the Wrath of the Ancients, very similar to feeding all three heads of Cerberus to obtain the Hell's Retriever.

The dragons first appear as stone statues. Killing a zombie near the statue will cause it to burst open, revealing the dragon. After being activated, each dragon will have to eat approximately seven zombies. They eat the zombies one at a time, and the animation of eating a zombie has to finish before they will eat another. After the dragon is done, it will breathe a large amount of fire as ash forms around the dragon, and then reform back into the statue, which then crumbles to pieces, and reforms near the Wrath of the Ancient alter. This has to be done at each of the three locations to obtain the Wrath of the Ancients, located at:

  • Eastern courtyard, above the entrance leading underground
  • Church, mounted in the fireplace
  • Pyramid room, on the southern wall

Dragon statues, as well as Dragon eggs, can also be seen in the corrupted Keeper boss fight of My brother's Keeper. Players can use the Dragon statues to hind from the electric attack of the corrupted keeper.

In the map Zetsubou No Shima, several blueprints describing Dragons and several devices able to control the Dragons can be seen. It is revealed that Group 935 and Division 9 have been collaborating on a research to resurrect ancient dragons, and in the same area where the blueprints can be found, there are remains of a dragon egg.

In Gorod Krovi, the Dragons return, this time as humongous abominations that can fly high into the sky and belch fire all around. They periodically blast fire on specific parts of the map, which can kill zombies and players alike. Players are immune to the fire if they are equipped with the Guard of Fafnir, however. Special dragons are also used to travel to the Pack-a-Punch Machine. To achieve this, players must first collect the three network circuits, which can be dropped by zombies after turning on the power, and then assign them to the corresponding Groph Module. This will allow a Drop Pod to land in a random part of the map, which the player has to protect from zombies until it's loaded up. Once done, the pod will open up, allowing the player to pick up the network circuit. The dragons will be available for 500 points once the three network circuits have been collected and deposited at the Operations Bunker's fuse box.

They are mentioned by Edward Richtofen in Blood of the Dead, confusing the Cerberus with a "Drachen". A dragon outline can also be seen the Ascension renewed loading screen from the Zombies Comics. Dragons are also mentioned in Shangri La, where the gongs around the map have the message "Beware the wrath of the dragon's fire". Furthermore, the Shisa figurines from the Ray Gun easter egg in the World At War Campaign are tied to dragons, as the legend says a Shisa figurine protected the Ryukyuans from a dragon.

Dragons return in the Dark Aether Story through the Outbreak gamemode, where they function identically to their Der Eisendrache counterparts. Located at Dragon Relics that appear once in each map, players are able to begin a timed feeding process for 500 points, in which zombies must be lured into a ring of fire and killed, where they will fly into the dragon's mouth. Once the time has run out, the reward granted to the player is a chest, which grants the player rewards of low to high rarity, depending on the amount of zombies fed to the dragon. During this, the Dragon will retreat back into its relic, which will then proceed to launch into the sky, flying into a portal.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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